India leads as the world’s second largest population and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, despite the rural population which remains impoverished. The Indian ICT industry contributes to the national economy in many ways and almost all the Indian states are targeting the ICT sector as a vehicle for economic development.

Like any fast growing country in ICT facilities, today India’s fast growing economy depends on mobile phones, desktop computers, hand held devices, emails and the use of Internet to become a central part of their culture and society, playing a vital role in the country’s day to day operations.

The success of the ICT sector employs about 2 million people in India, with the ICT sector growing in all domains, predominantly driven by software services. The ICT has improved India’s education at a very fast rate with computers and internet connections at schools.

Since the Indian ICT sector concentrates on services, innovation is predominantly on processes. The domestic industry is expected to grow faster, expanding the ICT infrastructure as the other industrial sectors increases. ICT facilities continue to be the backbone of India’s fast growing economy, providing broader development benefits to all Indian citizens.

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