Saft’s upgraded batteries take solar off-grid energy storage to the next level

Saft (Euronext: Saft) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industry. The Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of nickel batteries and primary lithium batteries for the industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, civil and military electronics markets. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies which are also being deployed in the energy storage, transportation and telecommunication markets. Saft’s 4,000 employees present in 19 countries, its 16 manufacturing sites and extensive sales network all contribute to accelerating the Group’s growth for the future.

  • Major technical improvements make batteries even better suited for demanding solar PV off-grid installations.
  • Saft Li-ion and nickel-based batteries are ideal for Middle East applications across a range of industries including oil & gas, utilities, renewables, telecommunications, transport infrastructure, industrial standby.

Dubai, February 11, 2014 – Saft Nife® ME Ltd, the Middle East representative of the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, is showcasing the latest version of its battery for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in rugged and remote locations. New for 2014, the battery has been upgraded for even better performance with improved charging efficiency, higher cycling capability, extended maintenance intervals and an increased capacity range.

On booth 6C20, Saft is also exhibiting its full portfolio of battery technologies including nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, which are well proven in applications across the Middle East in the oil and gas, utilities and power sectors. The portfolio also includes Saft’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are ideally suited to new and emerging applications in renewables, telecoms and data centers. batteries now improved for off-grid solar PV systems

Saft developed the battery specifically for use in off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, where its robust construction and high cycling capability ensures long life and low maintenance requirements even when subjected to erratic charging conditions and operating temperatures fluctuating from -20˚C to +50˚C.

With thousands of batteries currently delivering reliable service in applications around the world, Saft has now introduced a number of technical upgrades that take the design to the next level.

First, the battery has a completely predictable service life – its enhanced cycling capability will ensure a lifetime of up to 10,000 cycles at 15 percent depth of discharge (DOD). Second, maintenance requirements are reduced as the interval for topping-up with water has been extended to six years (at a charge voltage of 1.5 V). Third, charging efficiency has been improved to up to 95 percent making more capacity available for each daily cycle. And finally, a more compact battery solution is possible because the number of capacity steps is increased to 35, covering 100 Ah to 1,830 Ah.

These latest improvements make the ideal choice for remote, hard to access off-grid installations where absolute reliability is essential and routine maintenance is time-consuming and expensive. Typical Sunica,plus applications include cathodic protection of oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications base stations, PV systems on offshore platforms, hybrid power systems (working in combination with diesel gensets), emergency lighting and communications systems in remote and offshore installations and also rural electrification schemes.

Stationary back-up batteries for electricity, utility and oil & gas industries

Saft is also exhibiting a wide range of batteries that combine low maintenance, excellent reliability and a long calendar and cycle life for Middle East applications.

Saft Ni-Cd batteries have established a strong track record in electricity transmission and distribution, utilities and oil and gas installations. The Uptimax New Generation delivers backup power for stationary applications including emergency and security systems and process control. The Tel.X range is designed for offshore oil and gas installations where installation space is limited.

Saft’s stationary Li-ion batteries have been developed for applications requiring advanced battery technology, lighter, more compact energy storage systems, excellent power output, charge efficiency and cycling performances, and also remote monitoring and battery status indication. The Intensium® Flex integrates Saft’s Synerion® high power modules and Battery Management Module to create high performance backup solutions for data centers as well as medium and high power UPS. The new Evolion® 48 V modules are designed for off-grid hybrid power systems and telecoms applications.



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