Turkish mission to seek increased trade with SA

A Turkish kitchen and housewares trade mission will travel to South Africa later this month for talks aimed at boosting bilateral trade.

With South African – Turkish bilateral trade already topping $1.6 billion, the two countries are actively working together to increase business partnerships. Late last year, a delegation from Turkey’s rapidly-growing electronics sector staged a similar, successful trade mission to South Africa.

The upcoming trade mission, arranged by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Kitchenware Cluster, will include a leading group of Turkish exporters who are seeking business contacts with South African importers, distributors, agents, retailers and wholesalers. The delegation will hold B2B meetings in Sandton on 27 February.

The Turkish Kitchenware Cluster (http://kitchenwarecluster.com/) project has been developed by IDDMIB – Istanbul Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association in cooperation with IKMIB-Istanbul Chemicals & Chemicals & Chemical Products’ Association and ZUCDER – Turkish Housewares Association, with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy. The project aims to increase the competitiveness of Turkish Kitchenware exporters in the world market.

“Turkey’s competitive advantage lies in its excellent quality/price ratio offering high quality products at reasonable prices. Turkish companies are world-renowned for their flexibility, quick and efficient delivery and design excellence,” says Mr.Tahsin Oztiryaki, Chairman of Istanbul Ferrous and Non Ferrous Exporters’ Associaion.

He says Turkey boasts a broad range of kitchenware producers, with Turkish manufacturers and entrepreneurs investing heavily in growth and advanced production techniques to meet growing demand for plastic, steel, copper and aluminium kitchenware, along with glassware, ceramics, porcelain and cutlery. “Turkish kitchenware export potential is increasing rapidly and today our modern, high quality products are sold in more than 160 countries. Developed markets like the UK, Germany, France and our regional partners such as the Russian Federation, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and Romania are the main consumers of Turkish kitchenware.”

Fifteen companies producing cookware, hospitality and catering equipment, kitchen, home and cleaning equipment, garden products, and glass, enamel and plastic household goods will be represented in the mission.

Participation is free for accredited companies. Interested business executives can complete and submit their company profile form at www.online-rsvp.co.za/turkey-sa/ or obtain further information from wilna@tradeprojects.co.za.

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