MEF Services, Network Equipment, and Professional Certification Programs Growing In Worldwide Popularity

CE 2.0 Services Certification Emerging As A Competitive Differentiator

Los Angeles, March 4, 2014 — The MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) is pleased to provide an industry update on its Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services, CE 2.0 Network Equipment, and MEF Professional Certification programs, all of which have become increasingly popular worldwide over the past year.

CE 2.0 Services Certification. Just 12 months after the announcement of the first CE 2.0 Certified Service Provider, there are now 21 CE 2.0 Providers with 87 CE 2.0 Services in 10 countries. CE 2.0 certifications for service providers grew at double the rate of CE 1.0 certifications in an equivalent period of time, and the number of services certified in 4Q 2013 equalled the total for all the services certified in the first three quarters of 2013.

“We have a healthy pipeline of service providers moving through the CE 2.0 certification process.” said Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer of the MEF. “We are particularly excited about growing interest in CE 2.0 E-Access Certification, which enables retail CE 2.0 service provides to extend their coverage via partnerships with wholesale providers in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.”

“When judging the 2013 MEF Carrier Ethernet awards for service providers, it was clear that numerous finalists and winners regarded CE 2.0 certification, planned certification, or compliance as an important competitive differentiator,” said Rosemary Cochran, Principal at Vertical Systems Group. “Looking at the U.S. market in particular, our firm’s 2013 Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD analysis revealed that the top-ranked company in the incumbent, competitor, and MSO Ethernet provider segments already has gained CE 2.0 certification. Additionally, the fastest growing company on the U.S. LEADERBOARD, was the first to be CE 2.0 certified.”

CE 2.0 Network Equipment Certification. Today, there are 31 CE 2.0 Certified Network Equipment Vendors with more than 120 CE 2.0 platforms. The widespread availability and increasing deployment of CE 2.0 network platforms is a critical enabler of CE 2.0 Services Certification growth.

MEF Certified Professionals. Over the past year, the number of MEF Certified Professionals has tripled to more than 1,700 in 224 organizations in 58 countries. 87% of MEF Certified Professionals are employed by MEF member companies, and 62% are employed by service providers.

About The MEF:

A communications industry alliance consisting of more than 220 member organizations, the MEF is the defining body for Carrier Ethernet and the driving force behind the global market for Carrier Ethernet services & technologies. The MEF operates through a powerful collaborative framework where service providers, network solutions suppliers, and other member companies contribute to the development of technical and operational specification, certification, and marketing programs. The MEF has enabled Carrier Ethernet adoption and tremendous communications-related cost savings and productivity gains for service providers and end-users worldwide over the past decade. Building on this success, the MEF is now focused on enabling a new generation of dynamic, performance-assured services delivered over more efficient, automated, and interconnected global networks.

For more information about the MEF – including details about services, network equipment, and professional certification – please visit

Also see for information about the MEF’s new annual Global Ethernet Networking event that will be held during 17-20 November 2014 at the Gaylord National in Washington, DC. This is the must-attend networking event of the year for industry professionals involved in defining the future of the Carrier Ethernet services & technology ecosystem.

About Vertical Systems Group

Vertical Systems Group is recognized worldwide as a leading market research and strategic consulting firm specializing in defensible qualification of the networking industry. The company’s biannual Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARDs are industry benchmarks for measuring Ethernet Service Provider market presence. For more information see


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