Carmudi Gets 10.000 Cars Listed On Its Site Six Months After Launch

–          10,000 cars are now available for purchase on the Carmudi Nigeria website.

–          The company has over 62.000 unique page views per month.

–       It has become one of Nigeria’s fastest growing ventures

Lagos, 7th March 2014 – Carmudi Nigeria, a leading car marketplace in Africa has reached the 10.000 car listing milestone. The vehicle marketplace which is becoming an established choice for Nigerians who want to buy and sell their cars has witnessed rapid growth since it was officially launched in early October, 2013.

There are already more than 50 million internet users in Nigeria. Hence, the impact of the e-commerce and classifieds sector in Nigeria is growing with bullish tendency. As reported by, more than 62.000 unique visitors access the platform every month and the numbers are constantly rising. Besides, this development is accompanied by an increasing number of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicle offered on the website.

Karl-Johan Sturesson, Co-founder and Managing Director of Carmudi West Africa said: “Our launch in October marked a new era for the Nigerian car industry. We’ve been able to simplify the process of buying cars online and we have brought more trust to the business, which was absent in the market as we give dealers the needed visibility that they need to sell their cars and motorcycles. Currently, Carmudi is known for being one of the fastest tools for car buyers and dealers, as the number of our unique visitors has increased rapidly since launch. However, it is important to us to offer Nigerians a platform with no tolerance for fraud, as we screen every vehicle sent to us before uploading them on the site. “

“We believe that the continued increase of listings and the positive feedback we are getting from our clients confirms that we are on the right way to reach our goal of becoming Nigeria’s largest online vehicle marketplace. We will build on that and continue to deliver the new best practice in quality listings, zero fraud, pro-active customer service and a premium offering.”

The vehicle marketplace enables customers to easily find or sell their car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle online. At the same time, vehicle dealers and agents get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage. Carmudi offers diverse vehicle listings, an intuitive website design and high security standards to avoid fraud. The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100% of its vehicles in each market. The Carmudi platform helps sellers manage their inventory in a fast, easy and stress-free way.

Source: Carmudi

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