Child Adoption: Is it right for homosexuals to adopt children?

A child needs love, care and security from his mother and father. Photo credit: Joel Savage.

In the name of tolerance, freedom and human rights, many countries are permitting same sex marriage throughout Europe and the United States of America. It takes two to procreate or reproduce that is man and woman. In this case when a man chooses another man as his lover, having a child as couple, isn’t a priority or important, because two men can’t make baby.

Over the years there is increase in gay and lesbian couples adopting children, despite the hurdles and daunting process in child adoption. As a matter of fact many agencies are against same sex child adoption, but what has made it easier is the need for homes for children who are waiting for adoption, and growing acceptance among gays and lesbians in the society. But is it right for gays to adopt children?

In every normal relationship, fathers and mothers have a role to play in raising a child, because every child needs his or her father and every child needs his or her mother. A child sees his or her mother as an image of love and security. Mothers have a special place in their children’s lives because of the bondage that starts from pregnancy and develops through childhood, youth, and adulthood. It is therefore completely wrong for two men to adopt a child.

Children are highly influenced by what they see. What is the psychological effect of a child daily seeing two men or two women in bed? Who does a child calls mother or father? Such images are capable of affecting a child psychologically for the rest of his or her life, but greed as tendency to selfish craving, prevents people to acknowledge the fact that what they are doing is wrong. Strong desire and sins of the flesh are hardly to overcome.

Children growing under the care of gays are like to end up as gays or lesbians or in extremely confused state of mind may choose to commit suicide. The safety of children raised by gays can never be guaranteed. Gays have a greater tendency to being pedophiles than straight people. In life mother and father are the most precious gift a child needs; gays can’t represent that precious gift. Why do gays prefer to adopt boys? They know the reason.

They force a child to smile behind toys, thinking they make the child happy. “I did not under any circumstances want my children to be placed with gay men. I wanted them to have a mum and a dad,” says a recovering heroin addict woman, whose children were taken away from her by social workers. The woman should have been glad that one of her children, five year old boy has got a new home, instead she protested when she heard her son had been adopted by two men.

Society is in decay and heads of churches have gone astray. Greedy politicians want vote and acceptance in the society, so they don’t know the right from wrong. Everyone fears or people do not care to speak publicly against things affecting the community, but we mustn’t forget whatever we are planting today is exactly what we shall harvest tomorrow and our bad thoughts and doings would definitely come back one day to haunt us. What future are we building for the next generation, especially our children?

If researchers or scientists say it’s possible for men to have children, then homosexuals should wait till lawmakers pave the way to make their own children.

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