Why being part of PROMOTE?

Why being part of PROMOTE ?

PROMOTE is an international professional versatile exhibition PORTRAYING THEMATIC linked to strategic fields for the promotion of enterprises, from the small to the large enterprise with spotlights on SMEs together with institutions stakeholders in economy.

Designed exhibiting stands of the participant know-how stand as the forefront window (shelf position) that attracts visitors.

Exhibitors can put on sale samples of products and provide their services.
In the field of services, professional maintenance is recognised as a know-how with value-add.

Simple retailers are not allowed.

How to participate in PROMOTE 2014 ?

Registration forms are located in the back pocket at the 3rd cover outlining the different services. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH the Exhibitor prospectus providing information on registration forms to complete and send to PROMOTE Office.

• PROMOTE is an event for the promotion of enterprises from the public and the private sectors as well as Institutions which serve as a regulator and a driver for the economy.
• PROMOTE is organized every three (3) years.
• PROMOTE has become the first economic rendez-vous in Central Africa, a forum of encounters and exchanges which boosts multivalued business partnerships on national, regional and international markets.
• PROMOTE is organized for the general interest, through a mandate given by the host country, Cameroon, to the Fondation Internationale Inter-Progress, which is a non profit-making Swiss organization working to ensure the promotional activities entrusted to it by a Regional Branch located in Yaounde.
• PROMOTE is in partnership with regional Institutions such as CEMAC, ECAAS, the European Union, etc.
• PROMOTE seeks public subsidies and sponsoring by private agencies in a bid to constantly upgrade the level and above all the efficiency of the event.
• PROMOTE derives its success from the partnership spirit prevailing between and among exhibitors, the Organizer and the Authorities concerned.
• These regulations recall the requirements, namely those which concern a good preparatory work and contribute to ensure the successfulness of the whole event through discipline shown by each and everyone.

Welcome to PROMOTE 2014.




Art. 1 Organization
1.1 PROMOTE shall be organized by the Regional Branch of the Fondation Internationale INTER-PROGRESS based on a mandate by the Cameroonian Authorities. Within the framework of this mandate, the Fondation Internationale INTER-PROGRESS shall collaborate with public and private partners.

Art. 2 Registration
2.1 Registration in PROMOTE shall be done on registration forms made available to exhibitors by the Organizers.
2.2 The registration form shall take the value of a purchase order as soon as the Organizer accepts the application and informs the exhibitor of that decision through the submission of an invoice.
The exhibitor shall therefore undertake to abide by the General Rules and Regulations as well as the guidelines spelt out before and during the event.
The General Rules and Regulations shall be attached to the invoices concerning the renting of stands.
2.3 Collective stands
On exceptional circumstances, the Organizer may authorize the renting of collective stands. A collective stand shall refer to any stand occupied by a group or a representative grouping (a country, an association, an economic field, etc.). Application for such a space, which may be made by fax or email, shall mention the exhaustive list of exhibitors and the products to be exhibited in that given stand. The subscriber shall be responsible for the settlement of bills and the overall behavior of the identified group.

Art. 3 Admission
3.1. Participation in PROMOTE shall be open to any legal enterprise or organization, be it local or foreign, public or private.
3.2. Simple resellers shall not be admitted within the premises of the Exhibition, unless otherwise specified.
3.3. The Organizer shall be qualified to take decisions as concerns the admission of exhibitors and products to be exhibited in the stands. He shall reserve the right to increase or decrease the sizes of the surface areas agreed on, depending on the spaces available and in the general interest of the event.
3.4. The list of the products to be exhibited in a stand as well as the proofs of the payments made based on the timeframe determined in agreement with the exhibitor, shall be imperative for the issuance of an entry voucher in the stand.
3.5. Advertisement and promotion shall refer to the activities of the exhibitor and his/her legal existence. They shall be implemented within the premises of the stand and should not disturb public law and order. If they were to be carried out outside the stand, they should be subject of a complementary contract and agreement with the Organizer.

Art 4. Allocation of surface areas and stand locations
4.1 The Organizer shall establish, based on the schedule of the payments received, a plan for the distribution of the locations. He shall, under reasonable limitations, reserve the right to bring modifications both as concerns the sizes and the shapes of the stands, to the extent where constraints relating to the plan or the general overview so require and, above all, depending on the amount of registrations, have the right to proceed to a thematic, a geographical or other layout… The location of the allotted stand shall be communicated to the exhibitor; this shall be done upon the closing of registrations and the expiry of payment deadlines, that is on 31st August 2011.
4.2 The award of a specific location shall become effective only when the exhibitor fulfills all the requirements listed out in the General Rules and Regulations.

Art 5. Tariffs for the rental of stands and provision of related services
5.1. The rental rate shall namely include:
– A fixed module with adjustable walls;
– A tiled floor or a deck floor ;
– Lighting and a 220V socket;
– A face with the corporate name;
– A daily waste disposal bag and waste disposal bags available on the site;
– An introduction of the exhibitor in the Official Catalogue of Exhibitors of PROMOTE 2011 (1/6th page);
– 4 control bracelets.
5.2. The Organizer shall, upon request, provide the address of the service providers known for the construction work of a stand and/or of promotional activities. Exhibitors and service providers shall agree on the terms and conditions of collaboration without committing the Organizer financially. The exhibitor may personally take care of the construction work on the hired stand.
5.3 The application file for participation, with its various subscription forms, shall enable the exhibitor to subscribe for various promotional products proposed by the Organizer (insertion in PROMOTE publications, optional sets of furniture, wall-to-wall carpets, telecommunications, various display devices on the site, animation, sponsoring, etc.).

Art 6. Finances
6.1. Only the settlement of the full amount of the invoices before 31st August 2014 shall guarantee the participation of an exhibitor in PROMOTE and make it possible to distribute stands to exhibitors based on the time of their application.
6.2. Any invoice issued may be settled fully or by instalment. The date of the last settlement shall be the only one to be considered in priority while allocating stands at the time of closing registrations on 31st August 2014. Each exhibitor shall therefore take care of his/her own time line as concerns the settlement of his/her invoices.
6.3. If their application for subscription is accepted, latecomers for registration (after 31st August 2014) shall immediately pay the total amount of the required invoice.
6.4. In the event of non settlement of the full amount of the invoice within the prescribed time limits, the Organizer shall reserve the right to use the stand subscribed for, at his/her discretion.
6.5. These provisions shall apply to individual exhibitors and leave room for special terms and conditions as concerns spaces meant for public or private intermediary actors or partners.
6.6. Payment terms

b) By bank cheque to be paid to: « PROMOTE » or in cash, to the Organizer’s Secretariat in Yaounde, Quartier Bastos.
All PROMOTE prices shall refer to the Euro for any currency modifications.

Art 7. Technical package
7.1. Information relating to the allocation of surface areas, laying out, assembling and dismantling as well the utilization/running of stands shall be provided to each exhibitor based on the schedule set up by the Organizer.
7.2. The laying out of the stands shall start on 1st November 2014 and shall be completed on 5th December 2014 at 6:00pm, the day before the launching of the event.
7.3. The packing and clearing of the exhibited goods as well as the dismantling of the stands shall start as soon as on 15 December 2014 at 7:00am on the day after the closing, and shall be completed on 16 December 2014 at 6.00pm.
7.4. Items meant for exhibition and presentin a risk of fire or explosion should especially be mentioned on the list of products to be exhibited and provided to the exhibitor by the Organizer.
7.5. The exhibitor shall have the obligation to run his/her stand during the Exhibition business hours and ensure order and cleanliness.
7.6. Any noisy advertisement shall be forbidden. Any activity related to either prospection or sale shall be circumscribed to the area occupied by the stand, except in case of an additional agreement.

Art 8. Cancellation
8.1. Any exhibitor who wishes to cancel his/her contract with the Organizer shall be bound to inform him exclusively by registered mail not later than on 31st August 2014.
8.2. The termination of the contract shall not automatically set he exhibitor free from his/her obligations. He/She shall remain accountable for:
– The cost of the facilities ordered and in the process of completion.
– The cost of the ordered advertisements.

Art 9. Risks and insurance policies
9.1. The security service of the Organizer shall run day and night during the whole event.
9.2. An insurance counter shall be open on the site. Each exhibitor may take up an insurance policy to protect exhibited goods as compared to their real value against the disappearance, deterioration or destruction resulting from fire, theft or any other accidental cause.
9.3 The exhibitor should equally subscribe an insurance policy for third party liability coverage.

Art 10. Final provisions
10.1. The Organizer shall reserve the right to modify the provisions of these General Rules and Regulations if the circumstances so require.
10.2. The exhibitor shall abide by the guidelines of the Organizer in addition to these General Rules and Regulations.
10.3. Any exogenous circumstance and, generally speaking, any cas de force majeure, which would prevent the holding of the event or restrict its importance, shall not be opposable to the Organizer and the exhibitor would not claim any allowance.
10.4. For any difficulty which might arise from the interpretation and the implementation of these General Rules and Regulations, the French version shall be authentic. The parties shall agree to settle any dispute through consultation.
Shall the need arise, disputes shall be settled through the arbitration of three personalities appointed by the parties. The Organizer shall act with the agreement and the support of his official mandate.

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