Energy efficiency – Industry continues to jam on the brakes in 2014

Energy-intensive companies consider the raising of staff awareness a vital part of an efficient energy strategy. This approach requires technical knowhow as well as communication skills.

Munich, 14 March 2014 Energy costs – nothing new about that – depend on complex international and political factors and it is extremely difficult to predict the future development of their price level. For that reason energy-intensive producing companies are constantly facing potential economic risks.
A conscious way of using energy is therefore mandatory from both an ecological and economical point of view. Alongside the successful implementation of technical optimizations and energy saving initiatives, industrial companies have lately started to focus on yet another sector: staff.

Within this process, energy managers (who form a link between staff and management) are facing new challenges: While their engineering skills enable them to identify energy saving potentials against a technical background, they sometimes find it hard to communicate their results and suggestions towards fellow employees: How to transfer knowledge? How to address problems? How to motivate co-workers? The raising of awareness in terms of energy efficiency requires the energy managers to adopt convincing communicative strategies… After all, sustainable changes are only possible, if all members of staff – from facility manager to CEO – are willing to contribute.

Sylvia Legath, press officer of GCE Group Europe, also underlines the potential of the approach: “The target oriented mobilization of employees is a vital elements of an efficient energy strategy. Adequate training methods allow employees to identify with the abstract topic. They enable them to identify saving options, make suggestions and initiate changes. This results in additional saving potentials. Even if the companies are already operating on a highly efficient production level. ‘En passant’ they are making a valuable contribution towards the protection of the environment.”

Little wonder that this complex task also demands different consulting skills than a classic energy audit would. Expertise in the field of energy efficiency has to go hand in hand with refined communication skills. Which is why the engineers and coaches of GCE Energy Consulting GmbH decided to bundle their knowledge and develop sustainable coaching strategies, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients. The Munich based consultants see themselves as an addition to the clients’ own energy management and are happy to support not only managing directors but also – in tangible terms – energy managers with convincing concepts and innovative strategies.

Established in 1994, the GCE Group currently employs more than 2000 experts worldwide. Munich based GCE Energy Consulting GmbH is responsible for the European market. For further questions on energy efficiency and the raising of staff awareness, don’t hesitate to contact us:
GCE Energy Consulting GmbH, Stahlgruberring 7a, 81829 Munich (Germany),

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