Africa stands alone and given less recognition when it comes to development, but ICT is influencing and developing Nigeria at very fast rate than expecting. Businesses have improved and keep on changing and advancing in response to emerging new technologies today. ICT facilities have been beneficial to individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and business experts.

In spite of the ailing economy which is gradually improving, ICT has made global social and cultural interaction very easy. Why do people have to spend hours travelling to execute businesses? People can interact and communicate swiftly and efficiently, while news and information can now be transmitted in minutes. Individuals can easily stay in contact with members of their families who reside in other countries or make new friends across the world.

The success of ICT in Nigeria is the basic information and education emerging from some of the leading ICT companies. For example ‘Techtrendsng’ is one of the leading technology websites providing useful and educative information on ICT related issues, software development, mobile technology, telecommunications etc; to the general public.

Communication used to be a major barrier in Africa, if one can’t speak someone’s language. Today ICT has made it possible towards the elimination of language barriers, by means of the use of language translators.

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