> An instant, permanent end to potholes.
> Dirt roads converted to paved roads with a liquid spray.

Many of the paved roads throughout Africa are blighted by potholes.

They are the cause of delays, disruption and deaths.  Potholes damage lives and livelihoods.  They disconnect communities and countries.  They restrict economic growth and prosperity.

Non-paved dirt roads are also dangerous: damaging vehicles, slowing traffic, dusty in summer and muddy in winter.

Overcoming these problems has traditionally been expensive, time consuming and often provided only a temporary solution.

Not any more !  UK-based contracting company, Quikfix is introducing two technologically-advanced products to the continent—Instant Road Repair which mends a pothole permanently in just 10 minutes, and TerraFirma, a spray-on system which converts dirt roads in to rock-hard paved surfaces.  Both come with 5-year guarantees and are up to 40% cheaper than conventional treatments.

Quikfix has already established businesses in Nigeria, Cameroon and Sierra Leone and has appointed agents in 23 other African countries ready to discuss with Governments, Municipalities and Road Authorities how they can improve and extend their road networks—quickly, economically and permanently.

Says Quikfix Executive Chairman, Philip Deighton, “We have the technology to put an end to the pothole problem for ever and, with TerraFirma, to create paved roads from soil at a fraction of the cost of asphalt or concrete.  We are now available to start work and bring these innovative 21st Century solutions to Africa”.


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