Gas turbine focus 2014

Gas turbine focus 2014 is an international summit will be held by China Decision Makers Consultancy in June 26th -27th in Shanghai. Face the Challenges from Energy Structure and clutch into the Opportunities of Gas Turbine Development.

Gas equipment manufacturing industry is the focus areas of national development, especially gas – steam combined cycle units and integrated gasification gas – steam combined cycle units. With China’s energy demand is expected to grow rapidly as well as large-scale development and utilization of natural resources into the stage, the formation of a gas turbine is “explosive growth “in the market. By 2020, the national gas turbine combined cycle capacity will reach 55 million kilowatts, 50 years before 2000 have been completed and 25 times the capacity of the same. Conservative estimates, only one in the oil, gas turbine per year needed to reach the value of 30 billion yuan. By 2015, the domestic market capacity of the gas turbine can reach 30 billion yuan, while the international market capacity will reach 270 billion yuan.

Against this background, China Focus 2014 will focus on gas turbine development opportunities of the gas turbine , and the face of continuous integration of the energy mix , how to make effective strategic plan, which can create new value for their own development . Conference will bring together more than 200 from the gas turbine using the party’s senior leadership turbine manufacturers and professional and technical personnel, to discuss the process of innovation for the next generation of gas turbine design and optimization of the gas turbine research and development projects, the actual operation of the gas turbine and the energy industry maintenance process heavy, difficult and so on. We will bring all participants to share cases freshest, deepest thoughts collide, the most memorable experience!

We invite you to participate in China Focus 2014 gas turbine, gas turbine witnessed booming industry!

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