Unveiling new horizons – QITCOM 2014

The third edition of QITCOM will be held at the Qatar National Convention Centre on 26 – 28 May, 2014.

QITCOM 2014 will feature a conference, exhibition, awards, and signature offerings aimed at mirroring the aspirations and growth potential of Qatar’s ICT sector.
QITCOM 2014 is aimed at assisting not just an industry, but also a nation eager to adopt technologies and solutions that will catapult it towards greater heights.

In 2014, QITCOM will once again connect forward-thinking businesses, innovators and industry leaders to consumers, entrepreneurs, students, and enthusiasts through information and communications technology.

ICT and Qatar

In the past twenty years, Qatar has progressed rapidly to become a global example of social and economic development predicated on a knowledge-based economy. From mega infrastructure projects to social development indices, today Qatar boasts incredible opportunities for businesses looking to take advantage of a fast growing and demanding landscape.

ICT is not just reshaping business practices in Qatar but also the lives of the country’s citizens. As a growing nation, Qatar boasts impressive ICT statistics

The role of ICT in any developing nation’s path towards modernity has been clear my global success stories. Qatar is well on its way towards the goals, and QITCOM is designed to help make Qatar’s vision a reality.

About the Conference
The QITCOM conference epitomizes QITCOM’s aim of tackling local and regional concerns in a global context. In 2014, the conference will focus on a varied set of needs which are set to shape the ICT future of Qatar’s economy.

Building upon past successes, the 2014 conference will feature respected global ICT leaders and thinkers discussing global ICT developments, emerging technologies and opportunities in the regional market.

About the Awards
The QITCOM Awards recognize and reward excellence in ICT development, adoption and implementation within the GCC. The Awards program is aimed at fostering ICT distinction and ensuring the local success stories are celebrated. The 2014 awards program details will be shared with the industry shortly.

Innovation Theatre

The QITCOM Innovation Theatre perfectly embodies our vision of ICT industry growth Qatar. The community focused platform embodies the hopes and aspirations of Qatar’s ICT sector – to develop a system which not just consumes but also produces ICT solutions for the world to consume.

At the Innovation Theatre, participants contest to win custom-built competitions that aim to showcase apps, products and business models focused on improving public access to and the uses of Arabic Digital Content – a particular focus of QITCOM.

Tech Zone

The QITCOM Tech Zone serves as a coveted launch pad for cutting-edge industry leaders to showcase new and innovative products and services at QITCOM. Organizations, exhibitors and individuals can illustrate how products and technologies operate in the real world.

The Tech Zone is a destination for ideas in concept stage, prototype phase, and even in launch phase.

B2B Matchmaking

Business to business matchmaking is a highly focused form of B2B networking that has become a valuable and integral part of many business conferences and exhibition.
In as little as 20 minutes, entrepreneurs and business professionals can identify and launch potentially rewarding B2B cooperation and business partnerships. B2B Matchmaking is a fast and easy way to introduce your business to both potential partners and new markets

Case Competition

QITCOM case competitions present real-world scenarios to university students who work collaboratively to propose ICT-based solutions to the presented challenges. Final presentations are made after 24 hours of the initial case being shared with the students.

Mobile Interview Team

The Mobile Interview Team – made up of social media specialists and camerapersons – will speak to exhibitors, speakers, delegates, visitors and award recipients on-the-go to document their reactions on social media and on the web in the form of video and text.

The Mobile Interview Team program aims to ensure that exhibitors receive social media coverage in video or audio format. It’s a way for exhibitors to reach a wider audience, to speak to people even after the exhibition has ended.


QITCOM features technologies and products that touch upon all aspects of daily life. While the larger exhibitors and flashier products may gather all the media attention, discerning visitors want to experience and check out everything that QITCOM has to offer. The QITCOM guided tours are designed to serve these visitors.


Harnessing the spirit of innovation, the QITCOM Appathon gathers app developers under a number of categories with a focus on developing apps to address existing needs. Through partnerships with local governments and companies, the Appathon aims to develop local ICT skills, foster innovation, breed a culture of entrepreneurship, all the while addressing pressing local issues.

Corporate Treasure Hunt

A three-day interactive activity where executives can form teams and participate in the challenge.
The treasure hunt will feature intellectually stimulating questions across all ICT sectors, pertaining to the industry as well as those related to the exhibition and conference.
The treasure hunt will be powered by a custom-made online interface that will generate codes and serve as the mechanism for the hunt – revealing questions, codes and clues for the team of executives, representing their companies.


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