It’s Powering Africa: Mozambique

Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa, Maputo, 8-9th May 2014

The 3rd Annual Powering Africa Mozambique Meeting

8-9 May 2014


The 3rd Annual Powering Africa Mozambique Meeting will once again bring together the public and private sector in dynamic dialogue to reveal the latest investment opportunities, provide solutions to obstacles and set the agenda for policy development for the coming year.

Mozambique is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Economic growth is expected to average around 8% over the next few years, and the country is experiencing period of political and economic stability.

Clearly, Mozambique holds a wealth of opportunities for domestic and foreign investors, and developers and contractors in the power sector. While there is undoubtedly still some residual risk involved in investing in emerging economies such as Mozambique, strong evidence points to the fact that Mozambique will become a major market for power sector investors over the next decade.

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