“Technology is not a panacea but needs to be incorporated in schools and classrooms.”

Quick interview with Graeme Bloch, independent education specialist and a longtime supporter and conference chair of African EduWeek.

1)    What are your biggest worries currently in our education system?

Worried about outcomes (maths and literacy) and about unfair burden placed on education e.g. jobs are mainly an economic issue.

2)  What are you hoping to hear from parties in the current election campaign regarding education?

I would like to hear parties avoiding a ‘politicising’ of education

3)  Are you working on anything exciting that you can share with us?

Working mainly on solutions, and some NGO work.

4)  You have been a keen supporter and spokesperson for this event for  years now, how have you seen it evolve?

More work now done on finding solutions: how do we share and work together?

5)  Technology in education is always a big theme – how has technology changed the way you work?

Technology is not a panacea but needs to be incorporated in schools and classrooms. I use mainly email and the web; and am curious about how tablets can be used.
(Comment from EduWeek organisers: Graeme is always very available on his blackberry, in fact he replied to these questions via his phone!)

6)  Any favourite moments so far in previous EduWeek events that you would like to share?

Lots of the specifics of EduWeek have hit home e.g. how technology can be incorporated.

7)  Why should education professionals attend EduWeek?

Professionals should be at EduWeek because there are experts, including many co-workers and peers.

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