The Travel Technology Company, TTS, Is Doing Business in Africa

TTS, a global leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the travel & tourism industry took the plunge into doing business in Africa.

With the purpose of accelerating growth and finding new opportunities, TTS has expanded its growth in Africa, with a main focus on the Partnership program.

The creator of the first mobile application that gives access to GDS – Travelport Mobile Agent, TTS has been supporting travel agents in their day-by-day work and life, enabling them to be more productive by accessing the GDS anytime, anywhere, be it in the office or on the go. The app supports all Travelport cores (Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan) and it’s available for iOS and Android devices, counting already more than 30 000 downloads since its initial launch.

TTS created also the first airline consolidation specific solution – TTS Consolidator, adapted to support the airline consolidation business, meeting the requirements of both IATA and non-IATA travel agents.

Why Travelport Mobile Agent in Africa?

The company’s proven records show that the African businesses have specific needs and there is no existing technology to address their needs. Travelport Mobile Agent is specially designed to meet these requirements. Moreover, the biggest African breakthrough – the spread of mobile phones with the introduction of inexpensive smartphones – stays at the grounds of TTS’ decision of taking upon the African markets.

Why TTS Consolidator in Africa?

In Africa there is a considerable number of consolidators and non-IATA agencies. TTS Consolidator was created for these entities.

By adopting these two main TTS solutions and through technology, TTS delivers competitiveness, efficiency and speed. In short, the company aims at servicing travel agents, airlines and consolidators and increase the access to technology, thus to better work-life, in Africa and beyond.

Pedro Barata, founder of TTS, said, “When we entered the African market we had in mind the fact that Africa is growing and has refreshed its perspective on ICT. We are committed to invest in building long-term relationships with partners that are aligned to our vision and are in demand for a work-life balance. We want our products to innovate the way travel agents and consolidators work and we are happy to have already accomplished that.”


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