Dr. Motshekga, An African Spiritual Leader Striving For The African Renaissance

Dr. Mathole Serofo Motshekga is a South African lawyer and a politician.

He is currently a Member of Parliament for the ruling African National Congress.

As his biography reveals, Dr. Motshekga is well known and highly acclaimed for his knowledge of ancient African Spirituality.

He studied African history, philosophy and Hieroglyphics, with focus on Ancient Ethiopia (Atape) and Egypt (Hakaptah) at Harvard University in the early 1980’s, after he had attained an LLM degree in Law at the Albert Ludwig’s University in Germany.

Dr. Motshekga earned his PHD degree in law at the University of South Africa in 1996 where he was also a senior lecturer in Law.

In 1982, with the assistance of two fellow students,  he established the Kara School of Philosophy, Arts, and Culture (NGO) under German Law, and upon his return to South Africa in 1984 he established the Kara Cultural Centre in Pretoria with the aim to promote the development of the African Heritage and indigenous knowledge systems.

After having spent more than 20 years researching his origins as a descendant of the royal Balubedu People of Limpopo and having written many papers on the roots of African culture and religion, Dr Mathole Motshekga released his findings that include valuable information regarding African Cosmology in his latest book entitled The Modjadji Dynasty in 2010.

Dr. Motshekga has also been playing a very important role as a politician in South-Africa and has been involved in matters of rural development and poverty eradication, healing and reconciliation, and traditional leadership, amongst many others.

In 2013 he had to be replaced as ‘Chief Whip’ of the ANC in Parliament, as he did not make it to the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC at the December 2012 national conference.

Current Position he holds include Member of Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs for the African National Congress 1986 – present; Senior Lecturer of the Department of Criminal and Procedural Law 1984 – present (UNISA); Visiting Lecturer at the Albert-Ludwigs University 1982 – present; Attorney of the Supreme Court of SA 1979 – present; Director of Sechaba Trust; Consultant for Local Governance & Traditional Leadership; Member of the Black Empowerment Committee, Department of Public Works.

Others include consultant of the National Development Agency on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication and Social Justice; Director of Quality Engineering Services; Legal Advisor of the National House of Traditional Leaders of SA & the national coalition of Traditional Leaders; Honorary Professor of Political Science at the University Of Pretoria Gordon Institute Of Business Science; Lecturer at Various Universities in Austria & Germany; Chair of the Transformation Committee at Tim du Toit Inc. Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries; Member of Gauteng Provincial Legislature; Attorney at Mathole Motshekga Attorneys.

He’s previous positions include Chief Whip of African National Congress 2008 – 2013; Premier of Gauteng Provincial Government
1998 – 1999; Chair of the African National Congress 1997 – 2000; Partner – anti apartheid work 1992 – 1993, Deputy Chair of the African National Congress 1991 – 1997, Member of the ANC Head Quarters Lusaka, Zambia from 1987 – 1989 (also establish research teams on post-apartheid SA); Candidate Attorney at Savage Jooste & Adams Pretoria from 1977 – 1977.

Educational history, Harvard Law School, Master of Laws Completed 1984, Bachelor of Law and Doctor of Law.

He’s awards are a Fulbright Scholarship to Harvard Law School;
German Academic Exchange Scholarship at Max Planck Institute for Foreign & International Criminal Law; Bursary for Max Planck Gesellschaft (for Further Research at Max Planck Institute).

On media exposure, he has published numerous articles on African Renaissance, philosophy, heritage & religion.

And on he’s activities & memberships, he is a member of the Institute of Traditional Leadership; Member of Presidential Technology Committee: Local Governance; Member of the National Task Team on National Healing & Reconciliation Centre at Makplaas; and Founding President of Kara Heritage Institute; and Founder Member of the National Institute for Public Administration Management (NIPAM).

He is also involved in the Dr Mathole Motshekga Primary School.


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