Service Level Agreement Masterclass

Service level agreements (SLAs) are fundamental to both providers and recipients of services; they define the terms of engagement and highlight the rules that govern the relationship. They are in essence, the foundation of any company’s business interactions and if structured properly, will allow a company to capture the benefits of the relationship as well as the key expectations of the business interaction. Due to the fact that your business is in a constant state of change it is imperative for your company to allow for the capacity to revise or add metrics in SLAs. The SLA should therefore be considered a living document and the need to revise, update and expand your drafts arise more often than many think. SLAs need to strive to make an accurate reflection of the current service requirements of the relationship, while providing the mechanism to adapt along with your organisation and your industry.

This training therefore aims to provide attendees with practical intelligence on mastering the art of executing successful SLAs. Aimed at bringing you a new perspective of effectively drafting and managing your SLAs, this two day intensive and interactive training will bring to you a unique outlook on service level agreements and their management. The course boasts of a highly acclaimed and ever popular guru in contract drafting. His intrinsic knowledge and practical coaching methods will equip you with skills that you will be able to implement immediately when back in the office on Monday morning. Do not miss this opportunity of taking a very unique perspective of drafting and managing SLAs.

Your Course Facilitator:

Graeme Wilson
Legal & Commercial Solutions, South Africa
Graeme Wilson is the founder of Legal & Commercial Solutions, with a vision to challenge the way in which legal services are rendered in South Africa as well as Africa and to provide services to companies to assist them with their need for legal services.

Who Should Attend:

Chiefs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Senior Management, Heads, Controllers, Analysts of:
• SLA Managers
• Legal Managers
• IT Managers
• Sales Managers
• Purchasing Directors / Managers
• Product Managers
• Legal Advisors
• Contract Managers
• Facility Managers
• Relationship Managers / CRM Managers
• Business Development Managers
• Strategic Planners
• Maintenance Managers
• Procurement Managers
• Operations Directors / Managers
From all industry sectors

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