Sorbilite Inc. Introduces its Innovative Manufacturing Process To Recycle Agri/Wood Remnants, and Rubber into High-Quality, Highly Profitable, Finished Products

Sorbilite’s Integrated Composite Forming System uses low cost remnants such as wood fiber, paper, agricultural remnants as well as crumb rubber and turns them into highly profitable, finished products such as doors, cabinetry, roofing, etc.

This new technology combines multiple conventional manufacturing steps into one process, minimizing labor and utility cost. The use of low cost raw-materials is another reason for the systems extremely high profitability. The company grants territorial as well as product protection to qualified customers.

With Sorbilite’s Integrated Composite Forming System a new and innovative solution has been developed turning a “waste issue” into profits, solving economical as well as social problems in each country it operates. It represents a unique investment opportunity for the future.

Sorbilite Inc. was founded in Germany in the 1970’s and has been on the cutting edge of molded composites ever since. The company relocated its headquarters to Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA in 1985 and enjoyed steady growth ever since.


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