Exclusive interview with Michael Judin, Director of Goldman Judin Inc.

I-Risk: Intelligent Risk Management for a New Age, 19th & 20th June 2014, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts, The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Marcus Evans has launched the i-Risk: Intelligent Risk Management for a New Age conference scheduled to take place on the 19th & 20th of June 2014 at the Crowne Plaza hotel and Resorts, The Rosebank in Johannesburg, South Africa. Organisations currently face a myriad of challenges ranging from internal factors of governance and compliance through to macro threats such as economic instability and market volatility. This conference provides a holistic perspective on current and emerging threats as well as the tools required to navigate this challenging landscape. A strong emphasis is placed on the future of risk in Southern Africa and how to lay the strategic foundations to ensure competitive edge and a healthy bottom line.

Presenting on a case study with the title of “Good governance pays: Supercharging your Organisation’s Risk Management with an Effective Corporate Governance Framework” is Michael Judin, Director of Goldman Judin Inc. and also the member of King Committee. We explore his expert opinion and view of the industry as well as his take on the Risk and Compliance department job roles today in this exclusive interview.

· What is your view and expert opinion about the upcoming conference?

Given the perceived and actual risks which an investor faces when investing in South Africa, and indeed on the African continent, I believe that the upcoming conference will play a critical role in making investment decisions about South Africa, and the continent, and the timing is perfect given the date of the elections in South Africa;

· Tell us a bit more on your opinions on the market generally in relevance to the industry?

With regard to this question, I am assuming that you are referring to the legal market generally. On that assumption, lawyers in South Africa are of course feeling the impact of the global financial situation but the respected firms and respected individual lawyers remain extremely busy. There is also much work for South African lawyers advising on entities establishing in Africa, particularly those using South Africa as their base for the African entry;

· You will be presenting at the upcoming conference. Which topic in the event interests you most? Why?

All of the topics featured at the conference interest me and it is difficult to pick out one that stands out above the others. However, having said that, I am a great fan of Clem Sunter and, as always, am greatly looking forward to his presentation which is always excellent;

· What role do you see from Top management heads & Officers of Risk and Compliance department evolving to in the near future?

As a practicing commercial litigation lawyer, I am regularly exposed to the critical importance of risk and compliance in the lives of my clients. Also. As a member of the committee that wrote the King III Code and Report, I know that risk and compliance are certainly the big ticket items going forward and any entity that does not give same adequate attention faces potential ruin. Risk and compliance issues are no longer a luxury – they are an absolute necessity.

· How would you advise professionals to respond to current and emerging threats in Southern Africa such as economic instability and market volatility?

Economic instability and market volatility are not unique to Southern Africa. These are current and emerging threats everywhere in the world and whilst there may be some unique threats to South Africa, there are unique threats to every other jurisdiction in the world. I advise professionals in this regard as an other professional would advise everywhere in the world;

· Any added views you wish to highlight on your upcoming presentation at this event?

I honestly believe that it is imperative to attend this event as the issues being covered are so critically important and it is hard to believe of understand that any one playing any role in business would not want to be properly informed in all of these areas.

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