Key players in Africa’s Hydrocarbons; opportunities highlighted within the upstream arena during 21st Africa Oil Week

Global Pacific & Partners announces 21st Africa Oil Week 3-7 November in Cape Town (

Leading Africa’s upstream arena

The 21st Africa Oil Week will focus on Leading Corporate Players in Africa, Africa’s Giant

Plays & Opportunities, New Frontier Openings, Foreign State Oil Companies, Africa’s Exploration Potential containing Government Presentations and Road shows. During this 21st Africa Oil Week 1,600 senior-level delegates and Government Delegations will be present with over 100 corporate/state speakers on the program and over 135 exhibition booths.

The 21st Africa Oil Week includes annual awards, dinners, networking receptions, parallel sessions, Corporate & Government Showcases and a Global Women in Africa Business Breakfast

Strategy Briefing

The 16th Annual Scramble for Africa: Strategy Briefing 2014, held during the 21th Africa Oil Week 2014 on November 3rd will track changing competitor maps in Africa for oil and gas-LNG companies, providing seasoned insights and interpretations on around 500 players. Key focus lies on Minnows “Born In Africa”, Worldwide Independents, Super Independents & Super-Majors and Foreign-African National Oil Companies.

The 16th Annual Scramble for Africa: Strategy Briefing 2014 includes
•    Presentations by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), author of Africa Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile Books, 2010).  Earlier published works included The Battle For Barrels (Profile, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile 2007) and Africa’s Future: Darkness To Destiny (Profile 2012)

Source: Global Pacific & Partners

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