IQS International to Launch High-tech Pipe Equipment at WAMPEX

Quality management and inspection company IQS International will be using the upcoming West African Mining and Power Expo to introduce its revolutionary products into the West African mining and power markets. WAMPEX takes place from 28 to 30 May at Accra Convention Centre in Accra, Ghana.

“The products we feature are really quite new to the mining fraternity and we will be engaging with interested parties on a ‘one-on-one’ basis at WAMPEX,” says Ralph Klinkenberg, Marketing Manager at IQS.  “WAMPEX is the best platform to engage with the business and mining community in West Africa, and I believe ‘one-on-one’ is the most effective way to showcase our offerings to the mining sector; we can actively highlight the many positive attributes of our products and ensure these are well understood.”

Steel Reinforced HDPE Piping

Some of the company’s latest products expected to be on show include ‘SteriPipe’ (SR HDPE) and the Acoustic Dolphin G3 System.

SteriPipe (SR HDPE) is a new product comprising 100% HDPE with a wire mesh skeleton. The steel reinforced high density polyethylene (SR HDPE) pipe has become a standard product across Asia in any application where fluids and gases need transporting on construction projects, oil and gas installations, mining, manufacturing, water and sewage applications. Its unique structure and design makes it lighter and more durable than standard steel pipe or HDPE pipe, and delivers significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Dolphin G3

“The Acoustic Dolphin G3 System is an advanced, easy-to-use device that overcomes the limitations of many conventional inspection techniques,” explains Klinkenberg. “It is a non-invasive solution for modern hard-to-inspect tubes of up to four inches or 100mm in diameter. It enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans, heat exchangers and drill pipes, regardless of tube shape or material.”

The Dolphin G3 system guides the user through all the steps necessary for a complete inspection, from tube sheet mapping, parameter inputs, measurements and verification to report generation.

“The handheld probe from the Acoustic Dolphin G3 injects an acoustic pulse down the pipe tube, and returned echoes generated by defects are recorded and analysed,” explains Klinkenberg. “A set of proprietary, patented algorithms identifies and reports the exact location, type and size of inner diameter defects.”


The handheld probe from the Acoustic Dolphin G3

The Acoustic Dolphin G3


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