International Agrochemical Exhibition in Turkey & 2nd Eastern Europe Crop Protection Forum

Growth Opportunity in Turkey

International Agrochemical Exhibition in Turkey

& 2nd Eastern Europe Crop Protection Forum

Agrochemex-Turkey will be launched from 25th -26th June, 2014 at Grand Cevahir Hotel & Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey

This essential event is Presented by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) and China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC). Organized by CCPIA International Trade Committee, CNCIC Exhibition and DADIBRA Exhibition; and Join-organized by Association of Pesticide Manufactures, Importers & Agents; Ukrainian Association of Fumigation and Plant Protection and Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India

Industry major players in China, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and India as well as the rest of the world come together in this prominent event trying to create a growth opportunity for both sellers and buyers in Turkish Agrochemical industry in 2014.

Where as the 2nd Edition of Eastern European Crop Protection Forum (primarily happened in Ukraine) concurrently organized to the Agrochemex-Turkey exhibition, would introduce the registration polices, also present the guidance of the future market development and the investment opportunities. The co-organization of the exhibition and forum would strengthen the information exchanges and business cooperation in agriculture and related field with the coverage of the countries and regions in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Middle East and Middle Asia.

Turkey has a promising economical growth rate , along with significant geostrategic importance. Turkey’s annual exports in 2013 stood at $151.7 billion USD among which chemical and chemical components sector exports worth $17.4 billion USD accounts for 11.5% of Turkey Export and ranked 2nd largest export sector in 2013 referred from Today’s Zaman Press Review. Whereas Turkey’s annual Imports is 248.3 USD billion in 2013 referred from HG Legal Resource. Hence, there is no question about Turkey striving for listing the top ten economies in the world and becoming the center of Eurasian finance, trade and manufacturing with $ 500 billion export volume and annual growth of 12% expected in 2023.

Agriculture is identified a strategic sector in Turkey and the government is targeting a 30% rise in agriculture products in the next 10 years. With the fast development of Agriculture, pesticides are the most important input for Turkey because of its agronomic diversity and corresponding pest problems. So crop protection products are strongly demanded with the active trade business of agrochemicals, pesticide production in Turkey region. This is also why Agrochemex-Turkey brought world players from China and other countries to Turkey in order to serve and boost Turkish Agriculture sector growth.

In Agrochemex-Turkey, the exhibitors will be present their newest products and technologies in the area of Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Products, Agriculture Chemicals, Chemical Fertilizer, Crop Protection and Biotechnology, Agricultural Mechanical Equipments, Agricultural Products, etc. With the great support and active participation from government organizations and industry companies from both Turkey and China as well as many neighbor professional organizations, Agrochemex Turkey will be an ideal platform for the key players in the agrochemical industry to showcase their products and services, and build their brand effectively.

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