Summit in Africa features a new gateway to Global Supply Chain

Summit to bring together supply chain experts discussing the evolving market and investment opportunities in the region

South Africa is an emerging market in the global stage, offering a solid and steady growing economy with secure rewards for potential investors. The South of the continent is projected to grow at 2.7% in 2013, 3.5% in 2014 and 3.8% in 2015. The report, released by President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria on Tuesday, notes that South Africa has sought to improve North-South relations while pushing for reform of the global economy and global governance, better market access for developing countries, more favourable terms for debt relief and new forms of partnership for development.

Acceding to the status and nodal position of the continent, Fleming Gulf has launched Supply Chain Africa Summit to take place on 12-13 August at Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, South Africa. The summit is supported by The Eastern Africa Economic Chambers of Commerce & Supply Chain Logistics Group. Addressing the African supply chain panorama & providing regional overview with Sub Saharan factors, the summit will provide a platform to network for potential entrants. The main focus of the conference will be the opportunities & innate supply chain strategies in unique Arfica, intrinsic & global dynamics defining strategies, ways to create functional & cross-functional linkages, emerging port management strategies and transportation & logistical network.

Though there is a regional segmentation & emergence of trade bloc, the summit will attempt to view the big picture with regards to the transportation & logistical network in African Union(AU). Themed as ‘Africa: New gateway to Global Supply Chain’, the Supply Chain Africa Summit will elaborate on the developing trends for managing intermodal transport connectivity and cross border logistics. The attendees will hear from leaders representing WCO East & Southern Africa Regional Office, Southern African Customs Union, EThewkini Municipality, Walvis Bay Corridor Group & Huawei Technologies amongst others.

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