Meet Shell, Total, Century Group, and key regulators at OSV Africa

Currently, there are about 500 oil companies that participate in African hydrocarbon exploration. Prospects and potential for further oil and gas finds are exceedingly positive and it is estimated that there are at least another 100 billion barrels in the regions offshore fields.

Find out the opportunities and trends for the Oil and Gas Maritime Sector from the Keynote speech of Mrs. Ify Akerele, Director General of Nigerian Chamber of Shipping.

Keynote: Latest Trends in the Oil and Gas Maritime Sector – “Going Deeper”

•    Update on current developments and future plans in the offshore oil and gas sector
•    Vessel supply and demand by type
•    Requirements for new tonnage and operational capabilities

Learn to successfully work with African Oil and gas companies by knowing the challenges you can help them solve –

Challenges and Issues on working with African Oil Companies

•    Meeting client demands and expectations
•    Understanding contracting strategy of oil majors
•    Meeting local content requirements
•    Dealing with oversupply of vessels
•    Overcoming logistics, crewing and security risks

•    Aju O. Uzodimma, OSV Manager, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production
•    Anozie Tochukwu Ben, Hydrocarbon Allocation and Deepwater Production Performance Engineer, Total Nigeria
•    Gertrude Adwoa, Broker, Offshore Shipbrokers Ghana
•    Kunle Ajayi, Managing Director, Century Bumi
•    Dr. Emi Membere-Otaji, Chairman/ CEO, Elschcon Nigeria Limited

About OSV Africa

OSV Africa Conference was hugely successful last year in showcasing market opportunities and case studies of OSV operations.   It provided an excellent networking venue to collaborate and hear from peers, business partners and customers.  It will once again bring together the movers, shakers and leaders of the OSV sector of the African Region to discuss local content requirements, overcoming security, crewing, logistics challenges and managing risks.

The event will be held from the 9-11 June in Ghana.

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