BIT’s 1st International Venture Capital & Angel Investment Forum (VCAI2014)

Date: June 27-29, 2014

Location: Dalian, China

Contact: Mr Lee Zhi


The VCAI 2014 as a precious platform in the investment field will gather investors, financiers, scholars, policy makers and leaders from all over the world to share knowledge, ideas and exchange valuable experiences. At the appointed time, they will make a thorough assessment on the private equity investment, venture capital & entrepreneurship and mergers & acquisition, etc. In a further sense, they will make a prediction about the investment tendency in the future. They would also try to draw a conclusion that what the ideal investment projects will be at present as well as in the future and finally, the optimal investment decisions will be made. The VCAI 2014 acts as a compass to point out the right direction of investment and will definitely play an irreplaceable role in the investment area.

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