African indices and commodities ready to trade through extended CFD offering

Key Africa commodities are now available for foreign exchange trading as part of online company easy-forex®’ exciting Contracts for Difference (CFD) extended offering.

Traders now have easy access to a wide range of agricultural and energy commodities including wheat, cotton, coffee, oil, natural gas and more. Traders can also access the American, European, Japanese, Chinese and Hong Kong exchanges as well as a wide range of other international exchanges. CFDs are one of the most popular ways to trade commodities and indices due to their leverage opportunities and ability to short sell.

Furthermore, easy-forex’ upgraded offering gives traders across Africa and the world over the exciting opportunity to trade in some of Africa’s biggest produced and exported commodities such as wheat, cotton, gold and oil.

Michael Konnaris, Chief Executive Officer of easy-forex said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the upgraded easy-forex CFD offering. I am excited to see the traction and positive feedback we have been getting from our trial release from our traders around the world.

“The platform empowers traders of all levels to customise their deals to match their market views, experience and investment appetite.”

Offering over 70 currency pairs for trading, the company has also extended its metals offering from gold and silver to include copper, palladium and platinum.

As one of the longest-running global online currency trading groups, easy-forex has recorded a growing interest in online investment in emerging economies across the African continent over the past 12 months. The company hosted trading seminars

Markos Solomou, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “For as long as there have been people, commodities have been traded and our platform makes trading accessible to a large number of previously unexplored markets in today’s fast-paced digital world.

“Here in the African region each of these new products will attract its own clientele. The breadth of the product offering allows for traders to either specialise in a particular market, or spread their exposure across multiple assets.”

“Our clients have support and training from our dealing room as well as our up-to-date resources to help advise on the best products to trade in,” he said. easy-forex’ continued focus is on heightened education, training and the mentoring of traders in order to promote responsible and successful online trading.

easy-forex was established in 2003 and trades in over 160 countries. Clients receive guaranteed stops for free on commodity, indices and forex trading.

Solomou added, “Our state-of-the-art platform and extended product offering allows for a wider range of portfolio management. This gives our clients the ability to use their knowledge of specific markets, trade in them and hedge their business interests in an easy and hassle-free way.”


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