Excellent E&P Strategy and Portfolio Management Forum

Optimizing Performance, Increasing Return on Investment and Reducing Risks by Implementing Successful Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques

Location: London, United Kingdom

This exclusive BIS forum will provide understanding and practical application of the various advanced models and processes used in portfolio management. It will also provide an overview of some of the latest techniques used both within and outside of exploration and production sector. This forum will showcase analytical insights into how industry leaders are optimizing their performance by paying attention to evaluate risk management, optimization of projects and understanding key concepts of portfolio management. With one day and half of intimate forum followed by half a day workshop, joining together key industry professionals to discuss, brainstorm, share experience and partake in exclusive networking sessions in an flexible and dynamic platform – together shaping the future of the market.

Despite an uncertain business environment, exploration and production companies are increasingly recognizing that portfolio management can help them make the decisions that will set them apart from their competitors. Portfolio management provides exploration and production companies with a vital bridge between corporate strategy and operational planning. It allows companies to be more proactive and responsive to changing market. Crucially, portfolio management enables exploration and production companies to mitigate the myriad forms of uncertainty they face – from gaining access to new reserves, technology development, financing, to commodity price volatility, increased regulation, and stricter environmental policies. Exploration and production companies keep increasing their use of portfolio management techniques to achieve maximum value from projects..

This forum brings together key industry experts from leading oil and gas companies to assess the E&P portfolio management within the market and to define some of the key points for the industry in order to monitor and assist properly in decision making within capital projects.

Conference website: http://www.bis-grp.com/business-events/oil-and-gas/excellent-ep-portfolio-management-forum

Company website: http://www.bis-grp.com/

Contact: Ivana Vachova, Marketing Executive, ivanav@bis-grp.com, Tel: +420 270 003 436

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