Service Level Agreement Masterclass, 7th & 8th August 2014 in the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Marcus Evans has launched the Service Level Agreement Masterclass scheduled to take place on the 7th & 8th August in Nairobi, Kenya. With a re-occurring misconception includes the fact that the SLA process simply consist of drafting and designing an agreement for the providing or receiving of services. You must be aware that it is more in depth than that.

Course Trainer Graeme Wilson, the founder of Legal & Commercial Solutions will be presenting at the upcoming training covering multiple topics such as “Assessing the Legal Implications of SLAs in Order to Thoroughly Understand and Adhere to the SLA that has Been Implemented” and etc. We explore his expert opinion and view of the industry in this exclusive interview.

What is your view and expert opinion about the upcoming training?

Marcus Evans runs fantastic training events. They do their research well and present training that is topical and informative.

Can you share a story about your career journey to provide insights and ideas for those who desire to enter the legal industry?

I started out in a law firm but quickly realised that I enjoy the “business” as much as I enjoy the “law”. I moved into an in-house role and worked for blue chip companies for about 10 years. I then started my own legal consultancy. Ten years on I still enjoy what I do. I have the freedom to adapt and change our service offering to meet the changing demands of our clients and to deploy new thinking and technology to the way legal services can be provided.  The legal industry is in a state of flux with globilisation and consolidation. Law firm work has become highly specialised. In-house work has become diversified with new roles and responsibilities for lawyers. Lawyers are working in LPO’s, as knowledge managers and as software developers. The legal field is still filled with opportunity – it’s just that the opportunities have changed.

What makes this event different compared to the other events you have done?

The contract and SLA drafting and implementation course is a little different to other courses. It draws on the experience of all delegates attending the training to capture the diverse use of contracts across all industry types. It is also a practical course where delegates are challenged to look at the big picture environment when drafting rather than merely focussing on the “legalities”

Based on your expert experience, what will be the most significant issue dealing with SLA’s? Why?

The trick with SLA’s is to ensure that the service users are involved in formulating the SLA, that the lawyers capture the purpose correctly and that the implementation is bedded down and reviewed. It is a continuous process.

Which topic or theme of this training interests you most? Why?

The theme that I tend to focus on when I deliver training is that legalities only come into play when practicalities go wrong.

What advice do you have for relevant departments who deal with SLAs?

Service legal agreements need to be practical and user-friendly if they are going to be properly used an implemented. If they are not, they end up in a steel cabinet in the filing room.

Any added views you wish to highlight at this training?

The training is not designed to give you the “blue-print” for SLA drafting. Rather it is designed to give you insight and practical examples that you can use and adapt in your own working environment.

For more information on the event details, please view:

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