5th Conference in the Project Management Series: Advanced Project Management for the Utility and Power Generation Industry

Date: 15th – 17th October 2014

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This exclusive BIS forum will showcase analytical insights into how industry leaders are optimizing their project management by carefully reviewing causes of success and failure, effective planning and schedule, advance risk allocation strategies, winning project teams, examples of leadership excellence and optimized stakeholder management. With a two day intimate forum followed by half a day workshop, joining together key industry professionals to discuss, brainstorm, share experience and partake in exclusive networking sessions in a flexible and dynamic platform – together we will shape the future of the market.

Project management plays a crucial role in the success of the energy industry. The complexity and scale of projects in the energy industry present significant risks to project participants and stakeholders. Delivering complex large scale projects on time, within budget and of high quality are core requirements for those operating in the industry. Major projects too frequently suffer distress in the form of contract and project mismanagement, cost and time overruns, performance failings and ensuing disputes between project participants. With projects under ever growing global scrutiny, the need for soundly structured and well managed projects is greater than ever. As the industry continues to become more complex and competitive, the need for robust project management has never been more important. Companies need to ensure that they are adopting project management strategies that can deal with the dynamism and complexity of today’s markets.

Each project has its unique goals and objectives which commonly undergo constraints. The project management office (PMO) has been a growing trend, but today’s turbulent business environment poses challenges for implementing and sustaining PMOs. Projects in the industry require huge investment, both monetarily but also in terms of organizational commitment. It is essential that companies are able to create and manage the best project teams. Teams which are lead with leadership and excellence and where the team culture is set for success.

This exclusive BIS GROUP forum will bring together senior decision makers from all parts of the world to discuss effective strategies on how to manage costs, reduce delays and improve quality of delivery in complex projects. This conference will equip delegates from the energy industry with the skills and knowledge to deliver successful projects in the utility and power generation industry. The conference topics are tailored to highlight the unique needs of the energy industry project needs.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions to pass along to us, please contact: Ivana Vachnova, Marketing Executive, e-mail: ivanav@bis-grp.com

Website: http://www.bis-grp.com/business-events/energy/project-management-for-the-utility-power-generation-industry

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