Persuasive writing on the internet

Persuasive writing is a difficult task for many people.

There are many writing methods to influence readers. Different writers certainly haver their own preferences on the techniques used. The duo of repetition and consistency, however, appears regularly to be a part of these techniques.

Persuasive writing is a style that strives to make the reader believe in what the writer is proposing. This is done in many ways. Here are some classic strategies that will influence your visitors to make  a purchase on your website.


1 – Talk about your product

Making a list of the benefits of your product can often seem unnecessary. This is obviously because you know them perfectly, but. What about your visitors?

This could be the first time they have come across this product and its benefits. One of the most effective techniques of persuasive writing is to present the same information in many different forms, for example, incorporating the benefits of your product in a story. Readers will not even notice the repetition.


2 – Deliver your readers the reasons why

If you have a website, let your readers know why your product is the best solution for their needs.


3 – Bring a social element into the text

Human beings are social creatures and it is their nature to be influenced by things that other people say or do.

Think on ways to include human elements on your web page. Use pictures of people enjoying what you offer or a picture of how your product can make their life more productive, happy, etc. The home page of your site should be very attractive. Another good way to add a social element is through customers testimonials. People tend to believe that an objetive review is a good indicator of product quality.


4 – Tell a story

The story itself is a form of art. Experts in psychology found that people meeting to hear a story will pass on the story plot to others. You can even create a website to tell the story of your business, company or your product success.

Storytelling is one of the best techniques of persuasive writing, because all other techniques can be incorporated into the writing.

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