Elvis Ndubuisi Iruh, First African Journalist to publish English News Magazine in Holland

Three decades ago, Elvis Iruh, a Nigerian immigrant and journalist by profession, born on April 9th 1965, at Owa-Alero in Ika, North East Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria, came to the Netherlands. His journalism experience engaged him to several media organisations abroad, including West Africa Magazine in United Kingdom and as a foreign correspondent for The Trumpet in the Netherlands.

In The Netherland he worked as a lecturer at the Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam on multi-cultural communication and engaged in public functions, assisting Africans who needed support in the community to integrate. The closer Elvis gets to the African community, the more he became aware of their problems. They were missing something. Inability to speak the Netherlands prevents them to follow developments both in Africa and Holland.

To strive and foster awareness among the African audience and bridge the widening gap between Africans and the rest of the world in news gathering and dissemination, Elvis with other media professionals, in 1999, created ‘The Voice News Magazine.’ regularly contributing to media through articles, research materials and publications and number of times holding conferences on African affairs; as Editor in Chief of the news magazine.

Since its inception, the magazine has generated a lot of interest in the past years becoming one of the most widely read news magazine by both Africans and Europeans interested in diversity of culture. While in the field of journalism, Elvis passion increased in religious activities as a Christian. He eventually entered into a pastoral school and graduated as an ordained Pastor with Victory Outreach International.

His commitment and devotion led him to evangelize in Kenya, where he became head pastor of the church for five years. He returned back to Holland after his services ended in Kenya, taking over again as editor in chief of the Voice News Magazine, yet still standing in the pulpit on Sundays delivering the gospel to the congregation. Last year Pastor Elvis held ‘The Voice Achievers Award’ program, where he honoured and awarded distinguished Africans who have played important and significant role in the society globally.

“Ordaining ministers is not about emotions, equality, race, gender but spiritual. It is very clear in the Bible who should aspire, desire, elected or be appointed to the office of a pastor or a Minister. He must be a man married to one wife (1Timothy 3:2) not a man married to a man or a woman married to a woman. Today we are compromising the words of God and trying to bend the rules to suit our emotions and feelings. It is ungodly, not right and sin before God,” says pastor Elvis.

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