Dunster House provides sanitation solutions for Africa

Over 2.5 billion people – roughly 36 per cent of the world’s population – still lack what many of us take for granted: access to adequate sanitation. 2.2 million deaths per year are caused by sanitation related illness and diseases, with a high percentage being children under the age of 5.

Having that in mind, Dunster House Ltd, a leading manufacturer of timber garden buildings in the UK, has designed new sanitation solutions for humanitarian aid and international development.

The company has recently got involved in a charity project in cooperation with Oxfam (an international humanitarian organization, dedicated to the fight against poverty in the world) and has already started launching its Raised Latrines and Latrine Superstructures to Sudan and Central African Republic.

Dunster House Director Chris Murphy believes these products could provide potential solutions for many other communities across the globe. “Our latrines offer full privacy and security that allows individuals to have access to a dignified toilet facility. They are ideal for domestic and communal use during the interim stage following an emergency situation”, he said.

Raised Latrine has been designed for built up urban areas and locations with rocky ground or high water table. It features stairs which can be positioned from the front or side. The raised platform and waste collection tanks present a stable construction for multiple cubicles – Latrine Superstructures which can be securely positioned on top of a 800mmx1200mm Squat Plate or Trench Latrine. Latrine Superstructures can be also used to replace previous toilet facilities that have been damaged during a crisis.

Dunster House latrine is light weight and easily transported. The single unit design allows for multiple units to be assembled, which can then provide a solution for large groups of people in a communal situation.

One of the optional extras is 12v Off Grid Solar PV Lighting that can provide extra security and allow individuals to safely use a toilet facility at night.

Chris Murphy explained: “We are continuing to work hard on our new humanitarian solutions, to help to tackle the sanitation crisis. Our mission is to help resolve as many sanitation issues as possible. That’s why we keep expanding our range – to suit different needs and requirements”.

Raised Latrine.indd (Acrobat Reader, .pdf)

A4 Superstructure Poster.indd (Acrobat Reader, .pdf)

The UK based company is now looking for international distributors for its products. For more information contact

To see Dunster House growing range of solutions for sanitation, follow this link



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