Exclusive Speaker Interview with John Samir Naguib, Strategy and Technology Planning Consultant

In the lead up to the 3rd annual MVNOs Industry Summit Middle East, taking place 22-23 September 2014, Dubai, UAE, we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with John Samir Naguib, Strategy and Technology Planning Consultant

What have been the key changes for the MVNOs Middle East market in the last year?

Over penetrated markets such Egypt is planning to launch the first MVNO which will be the fourth operator in the market. Also the price war is minimizing the profit margin but strong and mature business models are shaping the next generation. MVNOs start to think about generating new revenue streams not only from core business which is reselling minutes, SMS, etc but also from advertizing and value proposition services.

Where do you see future opportunities for MVNOs in this region?

Booming, under one condition, the capability of MVNO to innovate something new to the customer and fulfill real needs or creating new demands.

How has regulation impacted MVNO success?

Regulators are one of the most important factors of MVNOs success, unregulated markets or loose markets are presenting high risk of doing such business. Pricing, SLAs, KPIs should be operated under TRAs umbrella.

What has been the main focus for your own company this year?

I am a consultant, I am always encouraging the plays to do something new and I see merging between VOIP operators and MVNOs/MNOs will add a big value on the voice side. Also direct cooperation between ISPs and MVNOs might improve the customer experience on the data level. Finally MVNOs should choose the main theme very carefully in context of country culture and consumption pattern.

What is your strategy for future growth and development?

Diversification of revenue streams is what I am focusing on as a growth and development strategy in the future.

Which do you think will be the next countries to launch MVNOs in this region?

As we speak, it might be Egypt.

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