Discover JUMIA: the most interesting products in Africa

Africa’s largest online retailer offers some products you might not have expected

JUMIA is Africa’s largest online retailer, with over 500,000 products available on its website spanning fashion, beauty products, electronics, home appliances and more. Among these products are some that you might not expect to find – check out the infographic showing the most interesting and unusual products across JUMIA Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast.

Among the list of products you might not have expected to find on JUMIA Ivory Coast is the solar kit with lightbulbs. While it may seem unusual, it actually reflects the increasing importance of and interest in renewable energy. It’s a product that may not be readily available elsewhere, and allows the environmentally conscious shopper to save both money and energy. Many other original products are available on, such as pineapple cutters, orthopaedic prayer carpets, or Japanese fig incense.

JUMIA Kenya is a familiar website with a wide range of products including electronics, home appliances, fashion and much more. Surprisingly, there are some very interesting products on the same website that will leave you smiling and excited at the discovery. Take a look! For example, did you know that JUMIA offers Smirnoff vodka, along with other wines, beers and spirits? From a fine whisky to a bottle a champagne for a special occasion, there’s something for every taste.

In Nigeria, JUMIA is the 4th most visited site in the country. Did you know that you could get a manual sewing machine online? You could also get a fire extinguisher for your household, or if you’re an animal lover you can stock up on pet food on the website. The interesting part about JUMIA Nigeria is that there are thousands of items yet to be discovered.



JUMIA is Africa’s leading online shopping outlet. The e-commerce platform offers a wide array of products including fashion, electronics, home appliances and beauty products, and provides a unique shopping experience. Besides its competitive prices, JUMIA proposes a quality of services adapted to e-commerce in Africa: delivery at your doorstep, flexible payment options (including cash on delivery, mobile money transfer), and a free 7-day return policy. JUMIA became the first African company to win an award at the World Online Retail Awards in 2013 in Paris as the “Best New Retail Launch” of the year.


Source: Jumia

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