Richard Branson: His Investment In Africa As Entrepreneur

Africa can boast of vast mineral resources, yet its rich natural resources and potentials, attract only few business men and companies to invest.

Natural disasters, famine, drought, unstable government, violence and diseases perceived as risky, prevent many entrepreneurs to invest in Africa.

A bad farmer quarrels with his tools, but a successful entrepreneur who has vision, aim, motivation and goal would never allow anything to be a stumbling block on his path, despite the negative perception many people view and the media say about Africa. Where many dare not to enter are the same places successful entrepreneurs dare to enter, because they want to make a difference.

One person who has taken keen interest in Africa, investing into different businesses is Richard Branson. His goal in business, vision, fully developed and implemented skills have made Branson an outstanding figure among entrepreneurs. Born on July 18, 1950, in Surrey, England, the famous British Entrepreneur launched Virgin Records in 1973.

Branson who had a clear vision of what he wants to achieve, under the umbrella of Virgin Group, today manages more than 200 companies globally in 30 countries. Different businessmen have different ways to build their own careers, Branson’s knowledge and communication skills are some of his qualities as a prosperous businessman.

Many have tried but only few successful, this means in business, ambition and money aren’t enough to make one a successful entrepreneur, but ample knowledge on visibility and geographical studies play significant role in the life of any flourishing business man. That’s what makes Branson unique and successful without a magic wand.

Listing Richard Branson’s businesses and properties across the world would be a daunting task. Let’s therefore concentrate on his investments in Africa, my father’s land. His Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco serves his vacation and accommodates many of his friends. A non-greedy man thinks of others. A civilian who can afford spends up to $3,000 per night for one of the compound’s 27 rooms. That’s real business.

In 2013 Richard Branson opened the Mahali Mzuri, a Safari Camp located in the Motorogi Conservancy in Kenya, as the newest addition to Virgin Limited Edition. The Safari Camp was set in collaboration with the local Maasai tribe and other tourism partners. The breath- taking luxury Mahali Mzuri, gives tourists memorable experience to see the wild animals roaming the Kenyan plains, and painstakingly the game drivers assist tourists to enjoy the worth of their money. Wish to see live animals including lions, elephants, zebra, leopards, cheetah, giraffe, impala and gazelles, then make it part of your dreams to explore Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzrui. .

Let’s move down to cosmopolitan rainbow country of South Africa, where Richard Branson has carved indelible name as a business tycoon. Branson has a private game reserve located in the Sabi Sand Reserve bordering Kruger National Park. Ulusaba as it is called is in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy indeed, on holidays just take a trip with the children to explore this magnificent game reserve over 10,000 acres.

While world leaders neglect Zimbabwe for political reasons and withholding development assistance, the country’s crumbling economy became an issue of concern to Mr. Branson. “In life, people have got to take risks,” said the businessman in New York, where he introduced some of the world’s richest people to his investment venture, Enterprise Zimbabwe. The world waits for disaster before something significant is done. “Zimbabwe is by no means perfect, but it’s a great deal better,” said Mr. Branson.

Africa is a continent which has suffered a great deal from slavery, colonization and corruption, affecting the whole continent economically. The world depends heavily on raw materials from Africa, but investment hasn’t been successful or encouraged. If other business entrepreneurs would take interest to invest like Mr. Branson, there would be employment for thousands, improve educational and health sectors. This would reduce the mass immigration from Africa to developed countries in search of greener pastures as well.


Picture: Sir Richard Branson with two men of the Maasai Tribe of Kenya.



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