What are the risks when investing in Africa?


Africa is often in the headlines for the negative reasons – stories of war, conflict and suffering is something that we see in the headlines too often. Where are the positive stories of sustainable investment?

Did you realise that Reading has the second highest concentration of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK, according to a new report from the think tank, Centre for Cities[i].

It is an exciting time for the town as it welcomes the first ever Afro Expo that will open up solid business opportunities & partnerships between the UK and Africa.

This brilliant event will take place on Thursday 31st July and Friday 1st August 2014 at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre in Reading.

Delegates will be given the chance to access avenues for solid business opportunities in Africa – giving valuable information to make the right investments choices.

Venture capitalists, exporters, importers, manufacturers and business owners are attending so UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), UK Export & Finance (UKEF) to help investors access the untapped potential available in the continent.

Anne White is head of international investments at Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and she says: We’re supporting the event because it is important for businesses in Thames Valley, the powerhouse of the UK economy, to be aware of the wealth of opportunity open to them in Africa, one of the world’s fasting growing regions of the world. This region is number one region in Europe for the ease of doing business and this event will help to showcase what we have to offer to African businesses”.

Chantelé Carrington will be representing the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK to promote the bilateral trade and investment between SA and the UK.
Chantelé says: “This event is a great opportunity to connect people, ideas and opportunities supporting Africa’s growth.

Africa is one of the fastest growing regions of the world, both in economic and population terms and South Africa, Nigeria and Angola are emerging as serious players in the world market. For global companies to continue growing, and to maintain their market share, they need to look seriously into Africa, forge new relationships and invest in both their and Africa’s future”.

Rt. Hon. MP Alok Sharma Member of Parliament for Reading West and supporter of British businesses exporting says “I am pleased to be attending the Afro Business Exposition to speak about the growing business opportunities that Africa has to offer and how local businesses can benefit from exporting.”

Here are 5 of the top companies and industries who are attending the event – looking for investment partnerships and opportunities at the 3 day Afro Business Expo

Greenfields Property development ( Developing a housing estate in Nigeria)

EFB Industries (producers of palm oil) Looking for technical partners and a buyer for their by-products.

Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company – Distributors of cocoa, mangoes and highly sought after produce.

Integrated Catering – Seeking a franchise partner or investor to open up across West Africa.

Palm Necter Breweries- Seeking a technical partner and investors for expansion.

Aeisys- A technology firm looking for a technical partner and investor to bring an e-learning platform into Africa.


Guest speakers including: Rt. Hon. MP Alok Sharma, Paddy Docherty CEO of Phoenix Africa Development Company and Chief. Dr.Samuel Ortom to name a few. Plus 7 guest speakers giving speeches in a conference setting, 8 specialist seminars

The event is masterminded by Nigerian born and Reading Berkshire based Ngozi Fakeye.

Ngozi is the founder of Motherland Connects, a platform that facilitates bridges the gap between Africa and the UK, including facilitating the integration of new migrants into UK society.

As a passionate and articulate commentator – Ngozi believes now is the time to unleash Africa’s full investment potential. ‘’Africa has vast opportunities, from our arable lands to the bourgeoning well educated population; Africa is poised to shed its image of war and strife to shine as a beacon of economic renaissance. We intend to work with our Western partners as equals in an economic development drive that is equitable and sustainable. What we require is the technological expertise, the scrutiny of governance and the support of the experienced diaspora community to facilitate this drive’’

For more information – please go to the website www.afrobusinessexpo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afrobusinessexpo

Twitter: @LiaisonAfrica

[i] http://www.businessmag.co.uk/berkshire-smes-find-second-home-says-reading-uk-cic/


Source: www.afrobusinessexpo.com

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