Iran Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2014

Iran Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2014 will be taking place from 24-25 September 2014 in Tehran, Iran.

Iran is an attractive market for new players and foreign operators and investors with sustainable source of revenue generation

Iran Telecoms & IT Global Summit 2014 is about:

Bringing together the key players of the Iranian market

Gaining access to a high growth telecoms market in the Middle East

Exploring potential foreign-Iranian joint venture opportunities

Networking with distinguished ministerial guests

Tapping the huge opportunities for service, content and innovative services

Sharing worldwide best practices and successful business models

Direct access to local decision makers and the country’s policy makers

This is the only global event where you will gain direct access to local movers and shakers and Iran’s policy makers in a business to business setting. Expected speakers include representatives from Iranian organisations and corporations such as CRA, Ministry of Communications and IT, MCI, MTN-Irancell, RighTel, Taliya, TCI, MobinNet, Iranian NRT, ITRC, TIC, IRIB, Iranian Telecoms Infrastructure Co, Tamin Telecom, GLX, Shatel, ParsOnline, Pishgaman, AsiaTech, HiWeb, AfraNet, FanAva, Datak, SabaNet, AsreTelecom, IranianNet, MobinOne, Sorush Resaneh, PeykAsa, Rahnema, Karina, Keylid, Central Bank of Iran, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, City Council of Tehran and more.

To register, please e-mail or call +65 6391 2549.


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