Indonesia Refining & Petrochemical Summit 2014 will be hold in October

According to reports, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry plans to accelerate the expansion of the naphtha cracker and refinery processing capacity to provide raw materials for the production of petrochemical products, and strives to achieve petrochemicals self-sufficiency by 2025, so as to get rid of dependence on imports. The growing middle class population in Indonesia and the Indonesian economy over the past drives the car, diapers, bottled water and other fast-growing demand for packaging materials. The Indonesian state oil company in recent years strengthen cooperation with foreign investors.

In this industry background, China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) will be presenting the Indonesia Refining & Petrochemical Summit 2014 to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 16th-17th Oct. 2014. It will be a one-stop platform to discuss in the background of consistently rising  petrochemical market, in which the industry faces several challenges to future development: infrastructure gaps and limited ability to transport products, technology innovation for chemicals, labour and land issues, ambiguous import laws and investment barriers.

Indonesia Refining & Petrochemical Summit 2014 (IRPS 2014) will analyse many of the trends in Indonesian domestic and external markets and the impact of these trends on investment decisions and the way producers manage risk.

In a nutshell, we are confident that IRPS 2014 is the only event where you can take away a wide range of best practices and exchange the fresh ideas from many eminent industry practitioners over the 2-day course.

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