Connecting Africa: Transport Infrastructure

Date: 20th to 22nd October 2014

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa


Why you Cannot Miss this Event:

marcus evans takes great pride in organising our exclusive Connecting Africa conference which is scheduled to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 20th — 22nd October 2014.

“Transport Infrastructure: Connecting Africa” will bring to the forefront innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that are proven in the development of infrastructure across Africa. This highly-interactive and information packed event will highlight global case studies from some of the finest examples and also provide an excellent networking platform for the public and private sectors, global professionals and industry leaders who are all directly involved with the growth and development of infrastructure, enabling Africa to take itself to the next stage of development.

Attend “Connecting Africa” and gain insights on how this sector will thrive and address their enormous infrastructure deficit whilst unlocking investment opportunities in this emerging market.

Tailor-make your own programme by selecting from any of these streams:

Stream I

Planning, Financing and Risk Management

This stream will focus on different strategies and funding options available to upgrade transport projects, existing networks expansion and new projects planning. It will also discuss risk allocations, management and challenges to minimise the transport infrastructure deficit in the African market.

Stream II

Operations, Maintenance and Technological Advancements

This stream covers operations, maintenance and new technologies that play a key role in improving the overall management of the transport sector. It will also highlight the management of maintenance backlogs against annual budgets and escalating demands in the transport sector.

As we are expecting a fair mix of international delegation, we allocate a limited number of seats for each region. Come in a group of 3 delegates and receive 10% discount off the full fee.

For more information, contact Emily Ng at

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