Credit Management

Date: 18th & 19th September 2014

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Hotel and Resort, the Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa


Why you Cannot Miss this Event:

Managing your credit department effectively in today’s constantly changing economic and legislative environment can be a challenge. There is a strong indication that there is mismanagement within credit departments that need to be addressed immediately. Overextending credit can not only cause the credit-granting department to be inefficient but can also cause an organisational melt down.

With changes to the National Credit Act, organisations are still trying to find the balance between not over extending credit to possible delinquent clients and staying within the confines of the law. Credit granting staff needs to realise the importance of client management and monitoring, as the organisation derives profit from these accounts. Credit Risk needs to be assessed to prevent cash flow challenges and increase revenue.

This training will address all your credit woes and streamline your credit lifecycle, thereby ensuring that your credit department will be a well-oiled machine that drives the core strategy of your organisation, building client relationships and expanding your bottom line. This event boasts a trainer that has years of practical experience as well as the necessary skills to facilitate a training that will kick credit to the curb.

Space is limited, RSVP now! Come in a group of 3 delegates and receive 10% discount off the full fee.

For more information, contact Emily Ng at

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