Jumia pursuing more growth in Egypt

Online shopping retailer Jumia is targeting a growth of 36 per cent over the next few years after becoming the strongest and most popular online shopping mall in the country.

Jumia Egypt CEO Mattia Perroni has revealed that after only two years in the country, the retailer has become the leading online shopping mall due to a clear understanding of the Egyptian market needs and providing different payment options and various collections of products.

“Egypt’s e-intensity has been growing steadily over the past three years. The incredible market potential and the technology infrastructure, combined with the human factor are the main drivers behind our growth,” he said.

He added that as a start up investing in the Arab world, Jumia Egypt has adopted the values and qualities of e-commerce in the Middle East and Africa.

This follows a recent study conducted by Jumia in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group that showed Egypt is one of the fastest growing countries in the digital space in the region.

According to Perroni, Jumia Egypt has achieved significant success in a short period due to understanding of the market and the powerful execution of innovative ideas.

“The secret of Jumia’s success comes from having the right ideas, innovative execution and the people behind it,” he explained.

He added that although Egypt may have a relatively small Internet economy compared to other countries worldwide, it is recording some of the fastest growth rates.


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