GITEX: Solution for optimizing office space

Companies seeking to optimize space and control rental costs now have a solution in Melint, a firm that develops technological solutions for the workspace management.

One of the products that Melint has developed is MySeat which involves developing tiny and easy-to-install sensors to know remotely what seats are available in order to monitor occupancy, get space analytics and optimize space in offices and meeting rooms.

MySeat allows customers to save up to 30 per cent of space by identifying under-occupied areas, developing flexible offices or merging complementary workstations.

It also facilitates mobility and flexibility at work by giving information about occupancy in real time, which allows users to find several seats side by side or the closest available seat.

MySeat is data-related which enables customers to take objective data-grounded decisions. For instance, they can assess the preferences of their employees to increase their comfort.

Research has shown that on average, offices are occupied 45 per cent of office hours, meaning that workstations are more unused than used. This has prompted companies to adopt flex offices as an answer to the inefficiency.

MySeat offers companies with precise and reliable occupancy rates of their sedentary offices to correctly size their future flex offices.

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