GITEX: A solution for records management

A new devise has been established to help governments, companies and other institutions to effectively manage their records and documents.

The GreenBox, which has been developed by Meniko Records Management Services, is a multi-function hardware device that enables enrolment and transaction processes driven by paper to move into the paperless space.

The devise has been developed to fulfil a need in the marketplace for a multifunctional device that can scan physical documents, identity documents, passports, driving licenses, scan fingerprints, capture digital signatures and ID photographs.

It also has a unique biometric identification functionality which can be used for the verification of an individual. The functionality can be used in any environment where identity theft needs to be prevented or the requirement to ensure an individual is who they say they are.

GreenBox has integrated the Fujitsu Scansap 1100 & the fi 65f passport scanner into a desktop device with a footprint of 165mm x 350mm.

Meniko is a South Africa based firm that was established in 2004 focused on delivering cost effective solutions in the records and document management industry, with bulk scanning and turnkey solutions being its main specialities.

Meniko, which has solutions for clients ranging from a giant corporate, a government department to small and medium sized businesses that are tailored to a client’s requirements, has established itself as a key player in the market.

GreenBox Pamphlet 5001 Meniko (web)

Meniko Brochure

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