What does success mean to you?

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Duncan Revie, CEO at Soccerex

In anticipation of The Soccerex African Forum – a major event in football business on the African continent (http://www.soccerex.com/africa), which will be held on November 4-5, 2014 in Durban (South Africa), we took an interview with the founder and CEO at Soccerex, Mr. Duncan Revie.

On turning their idea into reality, Duncan Revie and his wife Rita Whelan created a global company in a multi-billion dynamic football business, invested their undying energy, the spirit of unity, will to win, and love to their pet project.

Soccerex is a vivid example of a rough road leading to the stars.

Soccerex is a global organizer of business events in the global football community that attracts thousands of senior football decision makers, businessmen, and creates a unique atmosphere for sharing experience, showing potentials, cooperation, and education.

Dear Mr. Revie, thank you for taking time out to answer my questions.

Why did you decide to start this business 18 years ago? Who was the first to come up with such an idea?

Myself, in Manchester, on a rainy night in 1995; nothing like Soccerex had ever been done and still hasn’t been since for the business world of football.

What were the biggest challenges you had to face when you just started?

Firstly, convincing businesses and the football fraternity of the huge financial gains that the Soccerex events open up and secondly, making the decision to go worldwide and running it over 18 years in 5 different continents.

What are the greatest achievements of Soccerex?

Many and varied, but to be the unique and largest gathering of the B2B football community together with all of the support from players, management, and administrative bodies, such as FIFA and CONCACAF has been extremely rewarding. Also ensuring everyone enjoys themselves, as well as doing business.

How has the football business changed in these 18 years?

Self-evidently, player wages and transfer fees, as well the worldwide movement of players has increased dramatically. Also, football has established itself without question as the most popular sport in the world on the field and the most lucrative off it.

What problems are you planning to cover during the upcoming Soccerex African Forum 2014?

Everything and anything – from when an African team will win the World Cup, right back to the basics of player development in Africa and fully inclusive of business topics, such as the attraction of sponsors to African football, developing club brands, and good governance.

Do you think the African market has any room for growth?

A huge space for growth not being fully addressed, and Soccerex will be a catalyst to enter this space and make it profitable for clubs, associations and businesses alike.

And my last question:

What does success mean to you?

Obviously, that everyone, who attends, learns, networks, and does business. On top of that, we never forget that Soccerex stems from and is dependent upon the football on the pitch; we therefore have legends of the game in attendance, and with networking evenings and other social gatherings, it is a success when all participants leave having done business and thoroughly enjoyed themselves while achieving their objectives.

I wish you every success and thank you very much for your answers.





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