Power Clouds supports education with solar plants

Power Clouds has partnered with World for People Foundation to support educational projects by creating solar plants to power schools in various countries across the globe.

The company is supporting educational projects in various and has already opened the first solar plant in a school in
Scornicesti, Romania. The company is set to open the second plant in Kitwe, Zambia.

“We like to be a business that makes a dramatic change by empowering individuals with the biggest tool available to humankind: education,” said Roberto Forlani, Power Clouds CEO.

He added the company donates solar plants in order to supply schools with clean, renewable solar energy to make them fully independent.

With a proven track record in project management, counting 53,000 participants in more than 110 countries and nearly 20 shared solar plants for a total value of $60 million, Power Clouds is establishing itself as one of the largest players in the renewable energy sector.

Recently the company won the prestigious Business Project Development prize awarded by Solar Industry.

The synergy between World for People and Power Clouds is born out of their shared support for education. By joining forces with the Foundation, Power Clouds will install a 20 KW solar plant to make the school in Zambia fully independent in 2015.

“Our utmost priority is to provide the highest quality education to shape the world into a better place,” said World for People Foundation Chairman Alfonso Galdi.

He added that with less than 500 days left to the 2015 target date for achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development and ‘Education for All’ goals, there are still 58 million children not receiving schooling and 250 million children who are still illiterate even after four years of schooling.


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