Nordex launches light-wind turbine in South Africa with 28.6 percent more power

As one of the technological leaders in multi-megawatt wind power systems, Nordex is benefiting from the trend in favour of large-scale turbines. The Generation Gamma range comprises the N90/2500, N100/2500 and the N117/2400, which is one of the most efficient onshore turbines. To date, over 2,500 of these turbines have been produced. This experience with multi-megawatt turbines gives Nordex a decisive lead over most of its competitors. With Generation Delta, Nordex is now offering the fourth generation of its proven multi-megawatt platform (N100/3300, N117/3000, N131/3000). Nordex has installed a total of around 6100 turbines with an aggregate capacity of more than 10,000 MW all around the world. With exports accounting for more than 85 percent of its business, Nordex SE plays a key role in international high-growth regions. The Company has offices and subsidiaries in 22 countries around the world with a total global headcount of over 2,700 employees.

Wind turbine for light-wind locations offering an added yield of
up to 28.6% thanks to

25 percent greater nominal output

25.8 percent increase in rotor sweep

Various hub heights for improved project economics

WINDABA, the 4th annual wind industry conference hosted at the CTICC from 3rd to 5th November by the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) Cape Town, South Africa – Leading German wind-power company, Nordex has launched an innovative turbine in South Africa which can derive up to 28.6 percent more yield in light-wind locations.


The new N131/3000 turbine, part of Nordex’s “Generation Delta” platform, enhances the nominal output of power by 25 percent to generate 3.0 MW at locations with wind speeds of less than 7.5 m/s.


The N131/3000 turbine has a tubular steel tower with a hub height of 99 and 114 metres. Its special feature is the substantially larger rotor. With rotor blades measuring 64.4 metres in length, the rotor diameter is 14 metres larger, thus producing a close to 26 percent increase in rotor sweep. This sweep plays a key role for energy yield.


Says Anne Henschel, Managing Director of Nordex Energy South Africa Pty Ltd: “This turbine is a highly efficient system specifically designed for low-wind conditions, categorised as IEC-3 locations.  South Africa has identified several IEC-3 locations where wind-power could only be harvested with this kind of turbine, which opens exciting new prospects.

With the N131/3000 Nordex will achieve substantially improved project economics compared with existing turbines particularly at light-wind locations.


This model will also enable greater product choice among South African customers in the strong and moderate-wind turbine market.”


In 2013, Nordex launched the Delta platform with a moderate-wind turbine N117/3000 and the strong-wind version N100/3300.


The N131/3000 combines the proven advantages of the high efficiency and low sound power levels of the “Generation Gamma’s” N117/2400 turbine with the benefits of a high nominal output and the technical advances of the “Generation Delta” platform.


Globally, Nordex is targeting the N131/3000 at markets in Central Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey as well as selected regions in Africa and the Americas. The South Africa launch is the first in the African market.


The first three “Generation Delta” turbines are already in operation in Germany and Denmark. In Finland, two further cold-climate turbines were recently installed.


The first light-wind N131/3000 turbine is in the process of being installed still this year. Series production of the N131/3000 turbine is scheduled for 2015.



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