Reneawable marine energy trends 2015

1. A commercial breakpoint. Mature technologies in renewable energy, e.g. solar and wind energy, have reached a technical and commercial breakpoint where they compete with conventional energy sources without subsidies. At the same time, big players like the Rockefeller fund disposes of its fossil energy assets. This development proves that there is very big potential for marine renewable energy to achieve the same tipping point – the demand for renewable and reliable energy will be large enough.


2. Industrial globalization. More and more countries establish national programs and research centers in marine energy. The latest countries to launch marine energy initiatives are Chile and Singapore.


3. Large investment in marine energy. Many tidal energy companies are exiting their R&D phases and are now making big investments in marine energy parks. These are big players like DCNS and Alstom. The tidal energy industry is in now in a position comparable to the wind energy industy in the early 90s. The political climate and the parallel development of other enabling technologies, e.g. sensorsand control technologies, are believed to give marine energy an even steeper development curve.


Anders Jansson is co-founder and CEO of Minesto, an energy technology company in the field of marine energy, with a patented and proven technology (Deep Green) to harvest energy from low velocity tidal and ocean currents. He has eight years of experience from developing and commercialising marine energy technology, both as an entrepreneur and business leader with a background from Chalmers University of Technology. See

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