JX Paulin and the Africans’ technological leapfrogging

The tactile technology change has been a major innovation all over the world. Smartphones and later tactile tablets quickly became red-hot markets. In particular, tablets completely transformed the high-tech landscape and have outstanding impact in many sectors of richest countries. For example, usage of tablets was made compulsory in Singapore and is now used by most of students in the USA and in Europe.

Africa shows great potential for tablets market

Of course, in this fast-growing environment, the most developed countries took most of the market share. The equipment rate of tablets has been rocketing; therefore the market rapidly became saturated has well. Then, after showing an annual growth up to 100% since 2010 (and the launch of the very first Apple’s Ipad), tablet sales have encountered a significant slowdown, reaching less than 12% annual growth in 2014’s third quarter (data by Statista).

As we enter 2015, the major stake will be to renew the demand by moving toward new markets; while in 2013 tablets sales slowed down in developed countries; emerging markets experienced a growth of 145% (according to data from Daxue Consulting). Africa is the most promising market for this evolution. In particular, regarding the unmet need in most of African countries, establishment of tablets – and generally speaking high-end technology – should support the rise of crucial sector and assist social stakes in Africa. Education is one of these sectors which should benefits from the rise of technology, thanks to specific and customized projects.

JX Paulin launch Mysimax to fight against knowledge poverty

“We have to stop thinking that teaching African kids how to write and read is enough. It’s like me giving you a fax machine to communicate in 2015. African youth wants a full range of knowledge! We want to give them access to the Internet, Google, YouTube, MOOCs, economic books, agricultural studies, business and tech news, fashion and so on”, explained JX Paulin, founder of Mysimax, a leading high-tech brand already providing thousands of students in Gabon with high-end devices.

JX Paulin is a successful Togolese entrepreneur who moved to China 20 years ago, feeling a limitless potential in this, at this time, undeveloped country. Today, he feels the very same potential among African youth. He gave us his motto: “giving great tools to great minds.” This vision of a rising Africa and his commitment leaded him to be mentioned as one of the Most influential Africans of 2014 in the reference NewAfrican Magazine.

By great tools, the idea of Mysimax, his project in Africa, is to provide schools with tactile tablets and software to improve education and more important, assist the share of knowledge. Mysimax already provides thousands of students in Gabon.

“One cannot write a business plan or become a successful scientist if he/she has never laid eyes on an economic or scientific review,” JX added. But Mysimax is not only a supplier of devices and aims to become a provider of knowledge in a larger scope. It created with the foundation Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation a scholarship to send African students in prestigious Chinese Universities; it also plans to design laboratory and technological center in its partner schools.  “The aim is to put the African youth in a position to meet the success.”

If the unmet needs and the huge potential are undoubtedly present in Africa, the question is how to adapt this technology for African markets. “It would be an error to enter into these markets without an effort of adaptation and understanding,” JX Paulin added. “We reject the concept of sub-consumers. Poor countries should not mean poor tech or useless experimental technology. For us it means being a provider of high-quality and adapted solutions, and giving access to the best technology in Africa’s schools and universities” he said.

Help the development of Afro-produced content

But the most important feature of high-technology, and especially tablets, in Africa, is to bring connectivity between people. It is crucial for the development of sectors such as education or medicine, but also to support African creation and social rise. We tremendously lack Afro-produced contents and tablets, as a tool providing knowledge and know-how, can help our most bright minds to change that.

The founder of Mysimax is confident in Africa’s high potential. “I am an Afo-optimism and I am very confident about the expansion within Africa in the very near future. We are not alone thinking that Africans are ready for this technological leapfrogging. But it’s far from enough. The digital world has so much potential for Africa. We need to reach beyond the educative institution, together with visionary leaders. Now that we have received interest from schools and government alike, we want to push the envelope. There is so much we can do in terms of knowledge input and sharing, health and safety programs and so on.”


Source: mysimax.mobi


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