Japan and Egypt to deepen cooperation

Egypt and Japan have resolved to strengthen bilateral relations with strong emphasis on stability in the Middle East region and economic development.

This comes after Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made an official visit to Egypt where he held discussions with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on various issues ranging from peace and stability in the Middle East, investments to boost economic development to environmental and women issues.

According to a communiqué released after the two leaders meeting, the two countries commitment to work together in addressing challenges facing not only Egypt but also the entire Middle East region that often have ramifications across the globe.

The two leaders reiterated that development of economic relations was the main driving force towards strengthening the longstanding partnership between Egypt and Japan.

On this aspect, Japan announced it will extend new development assistance loans to Egypt to finance implementation of the Electricity Distribution System Improvement Project and Borg El Arab International Airport Extension Project to the tune of $362.5 million.

Japan also promised to finance irrigation facilities through the new Dairout group of regulators construction project as well as help farmers increase their income in Upper Egypt by technical cooperation.

Other projects that Japan committed to help Egypt implement include the Greater Cairo Metro Line No. 4 Phase 1 project which is vital for mitigating traffic congestion and promoting tourism, the Grand Egyptian Museum project, construction of the Hurghada photovoltaic power plant and construction of a clean coal-fired power plant.

The two countries also vowed to promote vocational education and training and revealed plans by Egypt Air to resume direct flight service to Japan in efforts to promote tourism.

In the aspect of regional and international peace and stability, the two leaders agreed that terrorism and ideologically induced violence threaten regional and international peace, and gravely undermine economic and social development.

They strongly condemn all forms of terrorism and called upon all states to actively and effectively confront all terrorist organizations without exceptions.

Japan announced it will extend a contribution amounting to $500,000 through United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for strengthening border administration by Egyptian authorities and an additional $970,000 to the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa which has been playing an important role in maintaining peace and stability in Africa.


Japan – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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