Angola Monitor – Issue 1/15

The Angola Monitor covers the politics, economics, development, democracy and human rights of Angola. It is published quarterly by Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA).

This issue covers:

Political News: MPLA Congress, Independence Day, Angola improving ties with USA and Portugal;

Economic News: Public Sector Recruitment freeze, Angola perceived as most corrupt country in

Southern Africa, Banco Espirito Santo Angola recapitalised;

Human Rights News: Clampdown on Protests, Migrants arrested, British security guards acquitted over

death of Angolan detainee

Aid and Development News: Mine Clearance, Cunene Dam.

Angola Monitor Issue 1.15 (.pdf)

This Angola Monitor is also available in Portuguese.

O Monitor de Angola 1.15 (.pdf)

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» MPLA Congress

» Angola improving ties with USA and Portugal

» Public Sector Recruitment freeze

» Angola perceived as most corrupt country in Southern Africa

» Clampdown on Protests

» Migrants arrested

» Mine Clearance

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